We hope to see you soon at De Suikertuin

ARUBA – Carnival 2013 was fabulous and unfortunately already in the past; time flies when you’re having fun! In the meantime it is high time to bring you up to speed about what is happening at De Suikertuin. We guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised, so we shall start right away with the bit of news that De Suikertuin is extending its opening hours: we are now open from 8 am until 9.30 pm from Mondays until Saturdays!

Chef Mark is be waving his utensils in the kitchen, resulting in mouthwatering dinner options. So from now on we’ll be tiding you over from breakfast to coffee time, from lunch to tea and from the cocktail hour until dinner. Your days won’t be the same as before, as now we shall be guiding you through them the evening. Willeke will be your hostess, of course.

The extended opening hours are part of an audacious plan, which includes a lovely dinner menu, for which we have been receiving rave reviews. Celebrity chef Daatselaar’s Monday evening’s guest cooking  was a hit, but from now on Mark will be taking over. Reservations can be made in advance for the evenings, so start dialing. The evening menu is super, with salads, an antipasti sampler, crab cakes, escargots, various soups, grouper, tilapia, shrimps, keshi yena, flank steak, braised beef ribs, pasta, cannelloni and crème brûlée, chocolate cake or apple pie for dessert. The prices vary between $ 7.—for appetizers and desserts to $ 23.50 for the entrees.

And have you already jumped on the Sandwich Express, a take-out option for lunch? Or are you planning to try out the new sit-down or take-away dinners? The dinner menu (the specials) is great: entrees include chicken lasagna, pasta pesto, pasta Alfredo, nasi goreng, grouper in a sweet and sour sauce and local favorites keshi yena and chicken stoba. The specials come with a soft drink and desserts like Pan bollo, chocolate cake or banana cake. The cost: just AWG. 25,– with a valid local ID, otherwise the price is US $ 25.–. The take-out service is available starting Friday, February 1st; just dial 582-6322. Your order should be called in before 5 pm on weekdays. The phone number is the same for your Monday night reservation.

And as we are already in the take-out mode, here is more information about the Sandwich Express:  your call should be made before 11 pm and delivery of your choice of soups, sandwiches, wraps, salads or baguettes can be expected at the time you have indicated earlier. Combo’s are also an option, so also look into these before you make your call! Of course the new menus of De Suikertuin are online, so select whatever you fancy at your leisure.

We have high hopes for the arrival of the tram in the Caya Betico Croes – a most attractive form of transportation, which will make shopping into a whole different ballgame. Recuperating at De Suikertuin will hopefully become part of your shopping experiences in the future.

A few more tidbits: on Saturdays we are featuring Nasi Goreng Speciaal, with sate sticks and a fried egg for AWG. 20,–, a soft drink included. Fresh mint tea and various fruit shakes with freshly cut fruit are among our own favorite beverages, by the way. Parking is still safe as can be in Garufa’s parking lot with its attendant.

Well, this was all for now. We hope to see you soon at De Suikertuin and are looking forward to serving you your favorite dishes and drinks from 8 am to 4pm and dinner from 5.30 to 9.30 pm.

Monday’s where closed for dinner…

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