Recording of ”Das ist mein Aruba” presented by celebrity Eva Felicitas Habermann took place at Spa Cove

ORANJESTAD- JULY 2011– Last week Okeanos Spa’ Spa Cove received a special visit from German actress Eva Felicitas Habermann. Eva Felicitas Habermann is a well known artist for her roles in various movies and TV series. Many people know Eva from her role as Zev Bellringer in the TV series Lexx.


Eva Felicitas Habermann visited Aruba to record her show “Das ist mein Aruba”, which airs on N-TV at 4 o’clock in the afternoon and 12 o’clock at mid night. The show reaches a potential audience of approximately 2.4 million viewers and will be aired 7 times during the year; 4 times during Christmas time and 3 times in the summer. The introduction of the program was recorded at the Renaissance Island and highlighted Okeanos Spa’ Spa Cove as a perfect relaxation destination. Renaissance Island and Aruba as a spa destination has received great exposure on international television.    


During the recording of the show at Okeanos Spa’ Spa Cove, Eva received a signature massage from professional therapists and fell in love with the peace and tranquility that the surroundings offer.

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