A nice surprise during the opening of the rotonde: Aruba Airport Authority N.V. makes donation to Fundacion Sonrisa

Donation SonrisaORANJESTAD – During the opening of the Airport Rotonde decorated with Christmas lights, Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA) surprised the members of Fundacion Sonrisa with a nice donation. Members of Fundacion Sonrisa were special guests at the opening of the rotonde and weren’t aware of the surprise donation. AAA received the request by Fundacion Sonrisa regarding their special need to build a kitchen for their facility.

HumanHints, today ‘Time Techniques’ Part 1

human_hints_logoThe Human Mind is beyond Time.  We can think of the past and we can think of the future.  A thought does not take time.  In moments of crisis, we can be aware of many complex, linear, coherent, meaningful thoughts in a single instant.

Our thoughts and emotions shape the energy of our three dimensional lives.

Today is Saturday, Dec. 6, the 340th day of 2014. There are 25 days left in the year.

Kathleen Norris, American author (1880-1960)Thought for Today: “Disconnecting from change does not recapture the past. It loses the future.” – Kathleen Norris, American author (1880-1960).

Today’s Highlight in History: On Dec. 6, 1864, President Abraham Lincoln nominated Salmon P. Chase to be chief justice of the United States, succeeding Roger Taney (TAH’-nee). (Chase was installed as chief justice nine days later.)

Introducing the Leading Dancers of “The Nutcracker”

Introducing the Leading Dancers 00ARUBA – Kozlov Dance Academy would like to introduce some of their dancers who will be dancing the main roles in their upcoming performances of the holiday classic ballet “The Nutcracker” on Saturday, December 13th @ 7:00pm and Sunday, December 14th @ 4:00pm at Cas di Cultura. These student dancers have been rehearsing and preparing for the performances since August, spending many hours working to present a high quality performance next weekend.

Mr. Kozlov, former principal dancer of the famed Bolshoi Ballet, Moscow, and New York CIty Ballet, and director of Kozlov Dance Academy, noticed two very dedicated young sisters, Sannesophie and Liselotte van Doorn, (ages 8 and 6 respectively) and assigned them the leading role of Clara in the production.

Loretti Design Art & Jewelry hosts successful exhibition at De Suikertuin

Loretti Design Art 10Oranjestad – Local artist Deborah de Weerd, Loretti Design & Art, showed off her creations at a well-attended event at De Suikertuin, on Wilhelminastraat. Deborh had her unique jewelry on display as well as her paintings, titled Landscapes of Imagination, decorative and colorful enlarged photographes printed on glass plates.

Travelife Awards Divi Resorts with a Gold Certificate of Excellence

TraveLife 2014 (10)Eagle Beach – Travelife, a fair and affordable system which helps tour operators and travel agencies manage and improve social and environmental impacts, awarded Divi Resorts including Divi Mega Resort and Tamarijn Mega Resort, its second annual Gold Certificate of Excellence for complying with all old and new sustainability criteria, says Marin Bijl, General Manager Divi & Tamarijn All Inclusive Resorts.

Kristof Steegmans, WeTravel2 – Travel Without Limits, Hosts a Press Conference

persconferentie Aruba1Palm Beach – Following Kristof Steegmans’ visit to the island of Aruba, safe, trendy and up-market travel package deals, will be made available for permanently or temporarily disabled travelers.

WeTravel2, headquartered in Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium, and headed by Kristof Steegmans is making sure that the physically limited, and people who are wheelchair users, blind, deaf, or otherwise temporarily or permanently handicapped, can also travel to exotic destinations, Aruba among them.

Sinterklaas visits La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESEagle Beach – The holy man from Spain arrived at La Cabana  Beach Resort & Casino with his log-book and four of his Black Piets prepared to celebrate the Feast of Sinterklaas, or St. Nicholas, an annual event which is uniquely Dutch, observed all over the Netherlands and the Dutch islands, for many centuries.

There to welcome him to the island most of the resort associates’ kids, anticipating gifts and sweets, and dreading the old man’s possible scolding.

Group Synergy wins the Cafe the Plaza quiz night series

cdepquiznightwinnersdec2014 02The final session of the 8-week long pub quiz series on Tuesdays at Café the Plaza in the Renaissance Mall was filled with questions about Christmas, like: how does one say Merry Christmas in French, in which country people say Blythe Yule or Bon Nadal. What is the title of George Michael and Wham!’s Christmas hit in 1984 and what is the chorus of John Lennon’s Merry Christmas song.

Today is Friday, Dec. 5, the 339th day of 2014. There are 26 days left in the year.

Mike Todd, American movie producer (1907-1958)Thought For Today:

I’ve never been poor, only broke. Being poor is a frame of mind. Being broke is only a temporary situation – Mike Todd, American movie producer (1907-1958).


HumanHints, today ‘Personal Boundaries’

Saying no is really difficult for many people. As foreign as the idea is to some, a great challenge for many people is to learn to say No without feeling guilty. The less we define our own boundaries in the moment, the more life will step on us, so saying No is an important ability. One reason it’s hard to say No is fear of rocking the boat. It is so much easier to let the situation go away by not saying anything, but we all know the situation doesn’t just go away.

Happy Occasions celebrated at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino

???????????????????????Eagle Beach – Long term careers were acknowledged recently at a gathering at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino, as staff members and management recognized 480 years of experience shared among thirty hard working associates. While it is sometimes hard to believe the passage of time, the resort proudly introduced fifteen associates with twenty years of experience, six associates with fifteen years under their belt, and nine associates completing a decade of service.

Peter and Maryellen Lafata honored at the Radisson

???????????????????????????????Recently Jonathan Boekhoudt with Aruba Tourism Authority had the great pleasure to present Peter and Maryellen Lafata with the Distinguished Visitor Certificate. Peter and Maryellen hail from New York and have been coming consecutively every year since 2000. They always stay at the Radisson and love Aruba especially for the people, weather and beaches.

Group of loyal visitors honored at the Paradise Beach Villas

???????????????????????????????Recently Jonathan Boekhoudt with Aruba Tourism Authority had the great pleasure to present a group of loyal visitors with their distinctive certificates to commemorate over 10 consecutive years visiting Aruba. The ceremony was held at the Paradise Beach Villas. The groups consisted out of William & Eleanor Kitchin, Garland & Deborah Frers and John Naruszewicz.

Group of loyal Aruba visitors honored at the Costa Linda

???????????????????????????????Recently a group of loyal Aruba visitors were honored at the Costa Linda. Elisabeth Sabal that first visited Aruba in 1968, Walter & Kathryn Brooks from Kinderhook New York, Anthony & Beverly Mattox from Delaware.


Bernice Paulter and David Jacobs honored at the Renaissance Suites

???????????????????????????????Recently Jonathan Boekhoudt with Aruba Tourism Authority had the great pleasure to present Bernice Paulter and David Jacobs with the Goodwill Ambassador Certificate. The certificate is presented to loyal Aruba visitors in the name of the Minister of Tourism. Bernice and David have been calling Aruba their home away from home for 22 consecutive years and have witnessed the island grow in all aspects.

Aruba Airport made 2 donations in 1

2 in 1 Donations 01ORANJESTAD – Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA) gladly agreed with the request by  Fundacion Autismo Aruba (FAA) to participate at the McHappy Day organized by McDonald’s. McHappy Day was celebrated on November 14 where Aruba Airport purchased 80 Big Macs as contribution to this beautiful project. On this day all money collected from the purchase of Big Mac’s will go to FAA. This is a worldwide campaign held on this date.

The One-Of-A-Kind Aruba Reusable Bag is Back in Stock

Aruba Reusable Bag V1Get yours at The Coconut Trading co., The Juggling Fish & The Lazy Lizard

Oranjestad, Aruba – The Aruba Reusable Bag has been developed by Arubans for Aruba, as a new eco-fashion design concept. It sold out within a couple of weeks in the beginning of the year when it was launched and is now back in stock.

HumanHints, today ‘Learn To Laugh’ Part 3 – Overcoming The Body

Yesterday we discussed laughter as a way to get your self out of despair. Today we’ll continue our discussion. Getting your self out of despair might be the hardest thing you’ve ever done, because the body loves the sensation of despair and it wants to hold onto it. Your body and logical mind will do everything in their power to keep you feeling your own personal Human Hell. The alternative is to remain in extreme misery, even though you consciously know how to get out.

Today is Thursday, December 4, the 338th day of 2014. There are 27 days left in the year.

Diana Trilling, American author and literary criticThought For Today:

There’s much to be said for challenging fate instead of ducking behind it – Diana Trilling, American author and literary critic.


Very successful fundraiser

Page-02Hadicurari – As one of the most popular destinations of the Caribbean, Aruba takes great pride in preserving her natural flora and fauna while simultaneously providing tourists with fun activities and authentic experiences.   A great example for this certainly is the Lionfish and Wine tasting event which kicked off on November 30th, 2014 upstairs at Hadicurari Beach.

“Lionfish is an invasive species which threatens to displace our local species of fish.

Playa Linda continues to invest in its iconic property Ribbon is cut on new pool

New pool PL 03PALM BEACH – The Playa Linda Beach Resort is marking its more than 30 years as a mainstay in the island’s tourism industry by changing things up through continuous investment. As a way to kick-off its recent round of new renovations, General Manager Steven Marra, Director of Operations Peter van Grinsven, HR Manager Sulaika Kelly and Executive Housekeeper Ingrid Todd,

Spin the Jingle Wheel at the Casino at the Radisson, is a hit!

Casino Radisson 01The Casino at the Radisson started its much-anticipated yearend promotion on November 20th, with fun drawings every Wednesday & Thursday 9pm, 10pm and 11pm.

With the fabulous Spin the Jingle Wheel promotion patrons may win cash prizes, gift baskets and shopping sprees at Super Food and Kooyman Home Improvement Store, until the promotion concludes on December 22nd, with a Guests’ Appreciation Party with live entertainment, snacks and bottomless mimosa.


Delft Blue Miniature Village 5PALM BEACH – As an annual holiday tradition, the Aruba Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino is showcasing a beautiful holiday display in the resort lobby made of pure sugar.

This year Executive Chef Teddy Bouroncle together with Senior Sous Chef Charles Wagner and Executive Sous Chef Romeo Penacino created a unique handmade sugar village for guests to enjoy during the holiday season.

Caught at Fishes & More Restaurant

Fishes & More RestaurantBill and Ronnie with friends Jerry and Judy from Florida love Aruba and their retirement

They’re living it up now that they are retired: Bill Madden and Ronnie Smith and their friends Jerry and Judy King are having the time of their lives. Especially now that they are on holiday on this island, which they love. For Jerry and Judy this is their first time on Aruba, but Bill and Ronnie are old hands here.

HumanHints, today ‘Learn To Laugh’ Part 2 – How To Make Your Self Laugh

Yesterday we discussed the importance of laughter and playing thru life. Laughter and play allow the frequencies of Universal Grace into your life. How do you make yourself laugh? Think of something that has made you laugh in the past. Think of a situation or something that someone said or a situation that made you laugh out loud, then let yourself laugh out loud again.

Today is Wednesday, December 3, the 337th day of 2014. There are 28 days left in the year.

Today is WednesdayThought For Today:

There is many a good man to be found under a shabby hat – Chinese proverb.


Cas Bon reveals plans for the new Boegoeroei Residence

Cas Bon 02Noord – An exciting new project by Cas Bon NV was recently announced when the company made the purchase of terrain for the purpose of developing a brand new neighborhood targeting young professionals in our community. As potential land a homeowners, couples who have just started their life together, making a responsible and ambitious decision to invest in their first family home, will find Boegoeroei Residence the perfect choice.

HumanHints, today ‘Learn To Laugh’ Part 1 – Laughter and Play

Learn how to make yourself laugh at will. This is a powerful technique that it is easier than you might think. We’re supposed to play thru life, but as adults, we think that doing is the only way to get thru life. The fundamental energy of playing and doing is completely different. When we do, we try to control. When we play, we allow Universal Grace into our lives.

Today is Tuesday, Dec. 2, the 336th day of 2014. There are 29 days left in the year.

Today is TuesdayThought for Today: “When we cannot find contentment in ourselves it is useless to seek it elsewhere.” – Francois, Duc de la Rochefoucauld (frahn-SWAH’, duhk doo lah rawsh-foo-KOH’), French author (1613-1680).

Today’s Highlight in History: On Dec. 2, 1954, the U.S. Senate passed, 67-22, a resolution condemning Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy, R-Wis., saying he had “acted contrary to senatorial ethics and tended to bring the Senate into dishonor and disrepute.”

Great fun at Café the Plaza

Page-02Team Haime/Quant wins the 2nd Hans Nooter Memorial  golf cup

The second Hans Nooter Memorial golf tournament has been won by team Patrick Haime/Cisco Quant (60 points), with Kim Tilleman/Papi de L’isle coming right on their heels together with Carla Schipper/Sjaak van Pelt, Allen Leverock/Gerrie Hoevenaars and Alfons Linders/Carsten Goetze, all scoring 63 in the two-men scramble format. Luuk Nooter, brother of Hans, who died two years ago, and his son Tim both played in the event. Hans Nooter is still sorely missed by many on the island.

Aruba’s Social Column “Bati Bleki” by Rona Coster December 1st, 2014

Page-05FROM ARUBA TO LAS VEGAS. Brian Stedeford, the General Manager of the Tropicana Aruba Resort & Casino resigned in mid-October, and has taken a job in Las Vegas, looking forward to reconnect with his kids, who live there and become a more involved dad. He will be on island until December 10th and is orchestrating a number of farewells from his many local friends who will miss him, and his quirky sense of humor.  Brian reports he has also been working with the corporate office to identify his replacement, a person who should be able to handle projects planned for 2015, such as renovating 25% of the rooms, targeting 300 refreshed rooms in service, by late third-quarter of next year.

Casa Tua celebrates ten years of excellence

Casa Tua 10th (48)Oranjestad – In honor of the restaurants’ 10th anniversary, the students of EPB, enrolled in the local basic culinary professional stream were treated to a special event at Casa Tua, Renaissance Marketplace.

Twenty-one top students were invited for an informal pizza making workshop with the expert Casa Tua chefs, LIVE in the restaurant’s exhibition kitchen.

Rancho La Ponderosa, Countryside Horseback Ride Recognized as “Low Volume Tour of the Season,” by Princess Cruises, 2013/14

Rancho Ponderosa 02Oranjestad  – Lisa Jensen, Manager, Shore Operations, Princess Cruises, had the distinct pleasure of recognizing De Palm Tours Corporation NV. and Rancho La Ponderosa, while in the Oranjestad Harbor.

Recently, a short and congenial award ceremony designed to recognize excellence among local tour operators rendering services to Princess Cruises passengers when here on stop-overs, included an award presentation, a tour of the ship and elegant breakfast.

Taste of Belgium’s revives Le Dôme’s style Swinging Brunch

Taste of Belgium Sunday Brunch 07Palm Beach – The new Sunday Brunch served weekly at a Taste of Belgium is a welcome addition to the island’s food scene, and a nostalgic tribute to the glory days of the late Le Dôme restaurant.  The owners of Taste of Belgium, formerly also the owners of the famed Belgian restaurant have recaptured the successful swinging, magic formula.

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