Aruba’s celebrity chef Urvin Croes, of White Modern Cuisine, cooks up a storm in Mexico

aruba 0Palm Beach – Aruba’s very own celebrity chef, Urvin Croes, proprietor White Modern Cuisine, winner Iron Chef Competition 2013, was invited by the Kendall Jackson Winery to participate in the prestigious Culinary Series in Mexico, as the winery’s Brand Ambassador.

The event in Mexico, a monthly gathering of chefs from around the globe, embraces two culinary soirees each time, the first one considered a Cooking Demo where the featured celebrity chef conceives and executes a special menu for a select group of 40 connoisseurs, and the second one, a five-course gala showcase, where the extended same menu is served to 150 party-goers.

Aruba’s Social Column “Bati Bleki” by Rona Coster July 7th, 2014

Bati Bleki, July 6th, 2014AN ISLAND OF ESCAPE ARTISTS. Life as we knew if, came to a complete stand-still during the FIFA World Cup 2014 games, as we all escaped into the bars, surrendering to a soccer addiction. You should have seen the celebration at the Moomba Beach arena at the conclusion of the Netherlands Vs. Costa Rica match. Incredible.  I visited Amazonia Bar & Lounge just as the action started and recognized an astounding number of friends, kicking back over beer and finger foods. I had no clue they were all such soccer buffs. I watched the game off and on, at the Bushiribana Gold Mines, yes, it’s true, as the Radisson GM’s Challenge Race was in full swing, in the comfort of a tent,  on a 70″ plasma TV!

Alhydran, an Aruban global export product now available in local pharmacies.

Aruba Aloe 03Tourists and locals love Aruba Aloes’ skincare and sun care products, many of them become loyal customers once they have tried it, ordering their products online or visiting the shops once they are back on Aruba. But what most people don’t know is that Aruba Aloe also produces a highly concentrated moisture regulating gel-cream called Alhydran which is used for the aftercare treatment of burn scars, surgical wounds, redness, itching, rashes after laser therapy or chemotherapy and other scar tissue.


INSELAIR ARUBA FLIGHT DEVIATES TO CURACAO DUE TO A BIRD STRIKEThursday afternoon, the flight 8i-990 of InselAir Aruba on its route from Aruba to Miami, encountered a technical problem as a result of a bird strike (this is a collision with a bird on the inside of an airplane engine).

This happened during take-off of the airplane on its flight to Miami.


Joseph and Rosemary Parascondola with Jasmine Maduro (Director of Operations) and Jenny Boekhoudt (Executive Admin Assistant)PALM BEACH, ARUBA – July 2014 – Joseph and Rosemary Parascondola from Manchester New Jersey have been visiting the beautiful island of Aruba for over 32 years and are loyal guests of the Marriott family. They visit every year and sometimes even twice a year and enjoy the courteous people, the warm weather and dining at Chalet Suisse.



A total of 8 pairs attended the bridge session at the members lounge of the Aruba Beach Club Resort.

The scores 50 % and higher are as follows:

HumanHints, today ‘Commitment’

human_hints_logoAlong the journey toward our goals, it is important to possess commitment and express compassion. When you approach your life with commitment and compassion, there will be no stopping you in your pursuits, and you will learn to be easy on yourself. Lets start with commitment.  To commit means to become attached. A commitment is a binding agreement. When we commit an act, we are bound to it. We cannot take it back. When we make a commitment, we are bound to not go back on our word.

Today is Monday, July 7, the 188th day of 2014. There are 177 days left in the year.

Margaret Fuller, American critic and social reformer (1810-1850)Thought For Today:

Memory depends very much on the perspicuity, regularity, and order of our thoughts. Many complain of the want of memory, when the defect is in their judgment; and others, by grasping at all, retain nothing – Margaret Fuller, American critic and social reformer (1810-1850).

Divi donates Five Electric Cars to EPB HATO

Divi donation (0)Oranjestad - Divi Resorts donated five Electric Cars to EPB Hato for the use of the “Auto Monteur” Unit of the vocational high-school, on July 2, 2014.

Alex Nieuwmeyer, Managing Director, Grape Holding N.V. and Divi Resorts, handed the five electric cars over to the school so that students may use them to help increase their knowledge of electric car systems, making this a special project for the vocational high school senior class.

Winners Free Vacation to Aruba with Sweepstake

Winners Free Vacation to Aruba with Sweepstake 01Kallie Ashton from Adrian, Oregan was welcomed by owner Kimberly Rooijakkers of Boardwalk Small Hotel on July 4th. Kallie recently won a free trip to Aruba with a complimentary stay at the Boardwalk Small hotel through a big sweepstakes promotion with Hi-Winds Aruba and the Aruba Tourism Authority.

Soccer is a state of mind at Amazonia

Orange Am (8)Palm Beach – The new bar and lounge at Amazonia, entertained friends and soccer fans at the recent Netherlands Vs Mexico when the latter was eliminated from the FIFA World Cup 2014 games.

The bar is now preparing for the historic games France Vs Germany, and Brazil Vs Colombia on Friday; Argentina Vs Belgium and the Netherlands Vs Costa Rica on Saturday.

Child from Curacao escorts football player at 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™

France v Germany: Quarter Final - 2014 FIFA World Cup BrazilReuel Martina, winner of the McDonald’s Player Escort program escorted  a soccer player from Germany

Aruba – Reuel Martina entered the pitch of the Maracana Stadium, hand-in-hand with a soccer player of the German team.  Launched locally earlier this year in March, the McDonald’s Player Escort program allowed nine-year old Reuel to represent Curacao alongside other kids who escorted the French and German players onto the field during Quarterfinal Match 58.

Soccer Rules at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino

La Cab soccer (7)Eagle Beach – The Accounting Goes to Brazil, a fun soccer themed luncheon was recently hosted at the Chit Chat Cafe. The afternoon was organized by the diligent team of the Accounting Department who also decorated the employee cafeteria with different national flags and clusters of colored balloons, including Fuleco as a special guest of the festivities.

Don’t Miss the Master of the Mind, Guy Bavli’s last show in Aruba, Saturday! At the Alhambra Ballroom.

GB (11)Oranjestad – Mentalist, illusionist, and entertainer Guy Bavli performed to a full house, at his premier on Thursday, taking audiences on a journey into the mysteries of the human mind. The evening at the Alhambra Ballroom was filled with mind games and humor, demonstrating Guy’s hidden powers, which defy logic and science, as his telekinetic powers can move objects without the use of a touch.

Gabriela, Luisa, Carlos and Sandra from Brazil were at Fishes & More Restaurant

Gabriela, Luisa, Carlos and SandraARUBA – They left their country in the midst of the soccer craziness for a nice, relaxing holiday on Aruba: Gabriela (18), Luisa (15), Carlos (52) and Sandra Romalielo (52) from Brazil. This great family happened to walk past the Arawak Garden when their eyes fell on Fishes & More Restaurant, one of the lovely restaurants of this intimate plaza.

HumanHints, today ‘Passionate Journey To A Meaningless Destination’

It’s been said that in order to master the physical world, we must try as hard as we can to achieve our goals, then remain totally indifferent to even the greatest failure and success. This is the simple message of the famous Bhagavad-Gita, and is found most other places where enlightenment is discussed. It seems like a conflicting idea to our logical mind. Why would we even strive for something in the first place, if we didn’t care about the results?

Today is Saturday, July 5, the 187th day of 2014. There are 178 days left in the year.

Cecil Beaton, English fashion photographer and costume designer (1904-1980)Thought For Today:

The truly fashionable are beyond fashion – Cecil Beaton, English fashion photographer and costume designer (1904-1980).


A wonderful day of fun for all the kids of the Maria Regina School

Articel 30 june San Maria Regina school 00One hundred and twenty children had the time of their lives last Monday, when a chockfull day of celebrating the end of the school year took place at the Palm Beach Plaza Mall. The kids and their teachers are from the Maria Regina school in San Nicolas; they were treated to a fun day, which included a movie, bowling, entertainers and lunch at Taste of Belgium.

The fun day was put together by Peter Ballière of Mise en Place; he got several sponsors together to provide this wonderful day for the kids.

Wedding Bells for Joran van der Sloot

Wedding Bells for Joran van der SlootJoran Van der Sloot, the main suspect in the 2005 disappearance of Natalee Holloway, will marry his pregnant Peruvian girlfriend on Friday in prison where he is serving a 28-year sentence for the murder of a female student.

The 26-year-old convict will marry Leidy Figueroa, 24, at Piedras Gordas penitentiary in Lima in a small ceremony, his attorney said Thursday, Reuters reported.

USFOL Volunteers Sponsor a Relaxing Day of Manicures For Nursing Home Residents

USFOLBringing spa services to their local community, six female volunteers from the U.S. Forward Operating Location (USFOL) spent the afternoon at Betesda Nursing Home in Betesda on July 1, 2014. The volunteers offered the female residents a relaxing morning of manicures and spoke to the residents about life, family and culture, bringing the warmth of friendship directly to elders with one-on-one interaction.

Join the Spin to Win, 4th of July Slot Tournament at the Casino at the Radisson

Join Spin to Win 03Palm Beach – A fun activity is scheduled for the 4th of July at the Casino at the Radisson, namely a Spin To Win Slot Tournament. Patrons are requested to sign up at 5pm, and the tournament starts at 6pm. Signing up is easy, with a $10 buy-in, and a $4 re-buy. The tournament promises to award prizes to the Most Cheerful Participant, and the Most Patriotic Participant, in honor of America’s Independence Day.


Final Results for Prokids Bonaire 04“A well deserved closing event for an entire week of two world championship events”

Bonaire, July 2nd, 2014 – The 10th Prokids Bonaire IFCA Championship 2014 started with a very enticing opening ceremony on June 25th and closed with a bang on June 29th.

A mix grill and lots more for the Montalvo’s at Tango Argentine Grill

A mix grill and lots more for theAhh, this great couple had the right idea: they came to Tango Argentine Grill in the Arawak Garden and gorged themselves on a mix grill for two, one of the wonderful, exciting menu choices of this fabulous restaurant. A mix grill consists of filet mignon, lobster tail, chorizo and chicken, all grilled to perfection of course. The Montalvo’s from Maryland, USA, could not resists desert of course, so they chose the Argentinian crepes.

HumanHints, today ‘Intention or Result’ Part 2 – Inner Competition

Yesterday we talked about how to judge our efforts and intentions. Today we continue our discussion. Only we can judge our own personal effort. Only we know if we do everything in our power to do the best we can. Only we can define our own abilities. Only we determine our personal weaknesses and strengths. Only we can devise life challenges that will make us grow in our intended direction, because only we know how we react to any given external force.

Today is Friday, July 4, the 185th day of 2014. There are 180 days left in the year.

Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)Thought For Today:

If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away – Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862).

Tourist Kids Give Back To Aruba Kids Enjoy protecting Aruba’s Reefs by creating awareness with our Save the Reefs Bracelet Program

page-02Malmok – Aruba’s Marine Park Foundation in cooperation with the island’s popular water sports operators, Jolly Pirates have implemented an especially worthy “Protect the Reefs bracelet” program.

The simple concept of a set of three awareness bracelets has been initiated to develop more reef care awareness and educational programs on the island.

3D Seismic Exploration in economic/territorial waters of Aruba

3D Seismic Exploration in economic 01ARUBA – Mike de Meza, Minister of Economics Affair, Communications, Energy and Environmental Affairs,and his colleague His Excellency Alex Swengel, Minister of Health, Sport and Elderly Care, were accompanied by their delegation members while a sight visit on the main seismic vessel M/V Polar Duke was made.

Self Care – an article written by Heidi Marchena, pharmacist at Botica di Servicio

heidi marchenaSelf care and self care products can empower by providing the knowledge and tools to improve the quality of life in general and your own in particular.  Taking regular exercise and a healthy balanced diet areeveryday examples.Minor symptoms such as a headache or a cold can usually be treated by yourself,  using products purchased over-the-counter at your local pharmacy.

Bugaloe Guests of the Week: Jeff & Tonda Hiestand!

Guests of the Week 16-5-2014Palm Beach – Have you already heard of the relaxing beach bar & grill Bugaloe, and their special guests of the week? This week Jeff and Tonda Hiestand found their way back to the Palm Pier Bar between Riu and Radisson hotel. They have been finding their way to Bugaloe for over 6 years now! Jeff and Tonda love coming to Aruba, and have made it their annual relaxation trip down from West Virginia, U.S. Why wouldn’t they?

HumanHints, today ‘Heart Protector Sensation’ Part 2

Heart protector naturally wants to open, where we feel unity with what we see as separate. It will open fully if it is not checked. We cannot exist in the illusion of separation with a fully open heart protector. We must be hurt from time to time so heart protector doesn’t open fully. Getting hurt is a built-in safety mechanism of the physical realm.

Today is Thursday, July 3, the 184th day of 2014. There are 181 days left in the year.

Paul Ehrlich, American scientist.Thought For Today:

To err is human, but to really foul things up requires a computer – Paul Ehrlich, American scientist.


TRASH BY RONCHI announces the arrival of new fashion collection summer 2014 for Men.

aruba 0Print fashion pieces and a retro fashion feel are among the hottest trends of the season.

Aruba’s leading fashion boutique recently launched the new looks for men for summer 2014. Print fashion pieces, tank tops and joggers, are one of the highlights of this fashion season. “Handkerchief and animal prints are dominant for Summer 2014″ says top local fashion designer RONCHI DE CUBA owner and creative director of TRASH BY RONCHI.


SOUTHWEST 02Southwest Vacations Offers up to $200 off Select Travel Packages to Aruba!

ARUBA – The Employees of Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV) today launched an international future for America’s largest airline* by inaugurating service to the Reina Beatrix Aruba International Airport from two of its US gateway cities.

The World’s Best-Reviewed Hotels: Releases 2014 Insiders’ Select™ Top 100 List

The World18 Caribbean Hotels among the Top 100 List in 2014

Today®, one of the world’s largest full-service online travel sites*, announced the Expedia® 2014 Insiders’ Select™ rankings, an annual crowd-sourced list of the world’s best-reviewed hotels.

HumanHints, today ‘Heart Protector Sensation’ Part 1

Humans have a spherical protective sack around the heart, which modern medicine calls the Pericardium. Of course modern science stops at the physical, and does not consider the energetic purpose of what Ancient Chinese Medicine calls the Heart Protector. On an energetic level, the Heart Protector saves us from becoming too vulnerable to heartbreak. When we fall in love, our heart protector opens.

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