11th, for the Popular Radio Talk Show on Magic 96.5FM

PICA00Palm Beach – Pica 96.5% returned to the airwaves at the end of the summer vacation. The show went for a much-needed break just before the FIFA World Cup Games 2014 and during the summer vacation weeks. The show is back full force for its regular schedule on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday on Magic 96.5FM, from 11am to 12noon, with DJ Vibes at the controls.

The show features three popular media personalities Pica 1, Pica 2 and Pica 3, namely magazine publisher Jacqueline Suttle, TV host Tabitha Fecunda and columnist Rona Coster.

Danny’s & Laura’s Engagement

Danny Laura's EngagementARUBA – Danny Pozo has been coming to Playa Linda for 18 years with his family. His fiancé Laura Rosario has been here three times and fell in love with the island. Out of all places they have traveled, Danny knew that Aruba would be the perfect spot.

He proposed to her last night on our beach at sunset… She said “YES”

At Fishes & More Restaurant Surf and turf and lobster for Janny and Peter from Holland

Fishes & More RestaurantARUBA – It is hard to believe, but Peter and Janny v/d Valk from the Netherlands never had dinner at Fishes & More Restaurant in the 24 times that they have been on the island. But there is always a first time, and guess what: they greatly enjoyed the restaurant in the Arawak Garden. The couple had surf & turf and lobster and they loved it.

Puppy dumped again!

DOG 03ARUBA – Arf received a facebook post about a puppy left all alone in San Nicholas. The woman was not able to take the puppy home, but made a shelter with food and water for the puppy. She pleaded for help. Arf volunteer, Aletta, looked for and found a foster for the puppy. She picked up the puppy and tells us it’s a female about 8 weeks old.

CILO City Lounge celebrates its 5th anniversary with a month of events

Algemeen 5 jaar bestaan 2014Time flies: it is already five years ago that CILO City Lounge opened its glass doors. The extremely relaxed restaurant and lounge was a hit from day one, not only because of its perfect location on the corner of the Renaissance Marketplace downtown, overlooking the harbor, but also because of its trendy menu, its great cocktails, fresh fruit mojitos and superb lunch options.

HumanHints, today ‘Doubt Is Your Friend’

We all have fears and doubts which manifest differently within each of us. Whether we hear voices, see visions or something entirely different, self-doubt plays on our internal fears and insecurities. We create our own Doubt, and we know exactly how to manipulate our selves. Dealing with doubt is part of being Human.

Today is Wednesday, August 13, the 225th day of 2014. There are 140 days left in the year

Baltasar Gracian, Spanish philosopher (1601-1658)Thought For Today:

You should avoid making yourself too clear even in your explanations – Baltasar Gracian, Spanish philosopher (1601-1658).


Saying I Do at the Occidental Grand; Mike & Heather’s Aruban Love Story

DSC_00PALM BEACH – Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Heather Stoddard were married on Aruba’s beautiful Palm Beach on 08/08/14 by local Officiant John Wardlaw.  The ceremony was drenched in beautiful flowers and purple laced chairs as family and friends witnessed the Once-in-a-Life time event in the sugar white sand.

The newlyweds exchange rings and vows sealed with a first kiss, followed by a sand ceremony which united their individualities as one and can never be separated.

Experience Aruba’s Electric Festival

Electric Festival 01ORANJESTAD – Turn up the excitement on a trip to Aruba during the second annual Electric Festival, in Oranjestad. The five-day festival runs from Sept. 3-7 and features well-known artists like Lil Jon, Knife Party, Loco Dice, Carnage, Hector, DJ Boris and Chuckie, an internationally famous Dutch DJ who lives in Aruba with his wife and children.

In love with each other and with Tango Restaurant

TangoARUBA – At Tango Restaurant love is in the air. That was once again proven when the Salazar family from South Miami, USA, came to dinner. The couple is engaged and will be married soon. So love is around! But when they came to Tango Restaurant in the Arawak Garden, they fell in love once again, they said.

Yes Bon Bini Festival is ON!!!

bon_bini_festival_01ARUBA – This week we have Tipico “Ola Tropical”, Poet “Laura Kock”, Dance Group “Club de Movimientos”, Tingilingi Box “Ban Baile”, Solist “Madelene van der Linden”, Brassband “Quality Brass” and our MC “Ryan Maduro”.

Don’t forget our delicious local food and snacks and a lot of vendors selling authentic souvenirs “made in Aruba”

At Palm Beach Plaza Mall First mussels of the season at Taste of Belgium Restaurant

mossel at tobAlthough it might look like mussels are harvested from the fountain at the Palm Beach Plaza Mall in the photo, in reality they are flown in, dripping wet, from Zeeland in the South of Holland and the north of Belgium. The mussel season is starting tomorrow on Aruba, when Taste of Belgium Restaurant is the first to offer this healthy delicacy, which is chockfull of vitamins and minerals.

HumanHints, today ’2012′

Let us gain some clarity about the moment we have labeled December 21, 2012. This date in our near future is enshrouded by uncertainty. Where there’s uncertainty, there’s fear, and where there’s fear, there’s money to be made. People naturally gravitate toward fear, partly because they like the emotional stimulation it gives them. Fear is exciting, and excitement is an emotional escape from our Robot Routines.

Today is Tuesday, August 12, the 224th day of 2014. There are 141 days left in the year

Margaret Culkin Banning, American writer (1891-1982)Thought For Today:

Regrets are as personal as fingerprints – Margaret Culkin Banning, American writer (1891-1982).


Miss Aruba Candidates visit Amazonia

page-02Palm Beach – It was a privilege and a pleasure hosting the candidates of Miss Aruba at Amazonia last night! Aruba Trading Company, pitched in with a delicious wine pairing, and Amazonia served an impressive assortment of signature specialties such as Tempura Shrimp, California Rolls, Spicy Tuna Rolls, Crab Salad, and Wakami Salad, courtesy of the chefs of Sushi Salsa.
The Amazonia carvers then swung around and sliced generously from the perfectly grilled Picanha, Rib Eye Steak, Fillet Mignon, and Chicken wrapped in Bacon, escorted by sweet fried plantain.

Aruba’s Social Column “Bati Bleki” by Rona Coster August 11th, 2014

page-05WELCOME TO FITBIT. One of my friends turned me on to Fitbit. Alex Nieuwmeyer was wearing a narrow rubber band on his wrist and I asked what it was. You know I am always curious. It turned out, this band may track our activities, track our sleep, it can even track our heart rate and blood pressure, which I am not interested in, on a daily basis. I am however very curious about my level of activity. Do I move enough? Do I really take the recommended 10.000 steps a day, which keep the doctor away?! Anyway, as I was strolling past a Best Buys vending machine at the airport in Dallas, or maybe Atlanta, I stuck my credit card in, and it coughed up a Fitbit. It took a while to set up.

The Kitchen Table by White Entertains Press Members for an 8-Course Dinner

Press at white (60)Eagle Beach – The local press was recently welcomed by Hotelier Jan Van Nes and his staffers for a tour of Blue Residences and an unforgettable night at The Kitchen Table, by White.

Blue Residences, the first luxury condo resort on Aruba’s famous Eagle Beach in 20 years, is currently under the final phase of development and will consist of three residential towers.

Aruba Tourism: Strong First Half of 2014

Aruba Tourism Strong First Half of 2014Aruba received 489,871 tourist stopover arrivals in the first six months of 2014, according to new data from the Caribbean Tourism Organization.

That represented a 5.3 percent improvement over the first half of 2013, according to the CTO.

The number was buoyed by a particularly strong summer period, which has already shown a 7.4 percent improvement over the summer of 2013.

HumanHints, today ‘Compassionate Detachment will Protect You’ Part 2

It looks like the transformation has begun to manifest in three dimensions. Illusions of the past have begun to dis-integrate. Where do we each stand in this process of Human Transformation? Do we stand upon the precipice, uneasily peering into the threatening abyss of tragedy, misery and sorrow? Or are we firm in our stance, sure of ourselves no matter what the Future holds?

Today is Monday, August 11, the 223rd day of 2014. There are 142 days left in the year

Edgar A. Guest, American author, journalist and poet (1881-1959)

Thought for Today:

“Keep your dreams, for in them lies joy denied to men grown wise.” – Edgar A. Guest, American author, journalist and poet (1881-1959).

Famous Dutch Singer and TV personality on vacation in Aruba, at Divi Resorts

Famous Dutch Singer and TV personality on vacation in Aruba 00Palm Beach – Frans Bauer, a native of Roosendaal, in the Netherlands, is a popular Dutch singer with a specialty, namely levenslied, what the Dutch refer to as songs about life, with straight-to-the-heart lyrics and melody.

Having grown up in a trailer park, Bauer aspired to break away by becoming a singer, from an early age. Inspired by Julio Iglesias, Elvis Presley and Koos Alberts, a fellow Dutch star, Bauer managed to launch his career in 1987 when he recorded his first single: Ben Je Jong, translated into English as a question, Are You Young?

5 tips for single homebuyers

Miriam artikel 9 augustusArticles seen weekly on www.arubaconnections.blogspot.com Miriam Engeln has been writing about Aruba and has been selling Real Estate in ARUBA, since October of 2004 on this lovely sunny island.

Homebuying trends have changed over the last decade, and in today’s new market, more single homebuyers are entering the real estate market than ever before. Single women have now outpaced single men as a percentage of homebuyers.

The Arawa Water Park Entertained La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino Associates for a Family Day

Arawa Water Park 14MOKO – The Arawa Water Park at Moko entertained the extended family of La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino for a spectacular Family Day.

Associates and their dependents enjoyed splashing, swimming and sliding at every age, finding the cool water especially refreshing in contrast to the island’s summer-time temperatures.

Aruba say’s “Masha Danki” bestows honoring on a group of Goodwill Ambassadors at Costa Linda Beach Resort

Aruba say 05Recently, Ms. Darline S. de Cuba honored a group of loyal guests a Goodwill Ambassadors.

The symbolic honorary title is presented in the name of the Minister of Tourism as a token of appreciation to guests who visit Aruba between 10 and 19 consecutive years.

The honorees are:


BRIDGE RESULTS ALOHA BRIDGE CLUB ARUBAThursday morning, August 7th t 2014

A total of 14 pairs attended the bridge session at the members lounge of the Aruba Beach Club Resort.

The following guest players joined the game: Nathaly Kubrick, Jim Doig and Ed Bauman.

She said “YES”

She said YESLong-time Aruba vacationer; Dominick D’Angelo proposed to his girlfriend Sara Keller on Sunday night at sunset at the Playa Linda. The couple was met and congratulated by their families who are all vacationing in Aruba together. Aruba truly is one happy place!

Playa Linda Beach Resort hope to see the happy couple return for many more years to come and wishes them both lots of happiness and good health together.

Today is Saturday, August 9, the 221st day of 2013. There are 144 days left in the year

Aristotle, Greek philosopher (384 B.C.-322 B.C.).Thought for Today: ”Hope is a waking dream.” – Aristotle, Greek philosopher (384 B.C.-322 B.C.).

Today’s Highlight in History: On August 9, 1974, Vice President Gerald R. Ford became the nation’s 38th chief executive as President Richard Nixon’s resignation took effect.

Bugaloe Guests of the Week: The Forrester and Kelly Families

Bugaloe Guests of the Week Week 32- final 00This week’s Aruba Guest of the Week features the Forrester and Kelly families who have been making a splash in Aruba for more than a decade. They come back each year with more friends, family, and memories to make!

The Forresters are from Washington, D.C. and the Kellys hail from nearby Maryland in the United States. The Forresters first discovered Bugaloe 13 years ago when they used to stay at the Aruba Grand Hotel, and the Kellys have spent their 11 years of vacationing in Aruba also enjoying the evolution of Bugaloe and the communities they’ve stayed in while visiting.

Doctor of Philosophy!

phdPhilosophy once embraced all of human knowledge. During the renaissance and the Middle Ages alchemists spend vast amounts of time and money trying to discover the ‘philosopher’s stone’ which would turn base metals into gold. In the good old days when knowledge was limited learned persons were versatile in many areas of knowledge ranging from law, civil engineering, math, physics, chemistry and alchemy.

Keytar Jeff from Chicago artist for Month of August at Sopranos Piano Bar

Keytar Jeff from Chicago artist for Month of AugustARUBA – Jeff has been using Apple products for live and recorded performances for over 2 decades, and is a former Logic Audio V.I.P. artist

Jeff has been using Mainstage since the initial release, and performed over 4000 shows worldwide.

Jeff’s sponsors include:

Friends of Marriott Surf Club Honored

Friends of Marriott Surf Club Honored 02ARUBA – Recently, ATA representative Marouska Heyliger had the great pleasure in honoring many loyal Aruba visitors with their distinctive certificates. These certificates are a way to say “Masha Danki” for continuously choosing Aruba as a favorite vacation destination. The titles are as following: 10+ years   “Distinguished Visitor” and 20+ years “Goodwill Ambassador”.

Aruba Tourism Authority honored a Goodwill Ambassadors of the Island at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino

Aruba Tourism Authority honored a Goodwill Ambassadors of the Island at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino 02Recently, Ms. Darline S. de Cuba had the great pleasure to honor a Loyal and friendly visitors of Aruba as Goodwill Ambassadors  as their home away from home. The symbolic honorary title is presented in the name of the Minister of Tourism as a token of appreciation to guests who visit Aruba between 10 and 19 consecutive years.

Aruba say’s “Masha Danki” bestows honoring on loyal visitor of Renaissance Aruba Resort

Aruba say’s “Masha Danki” bestows honoring on loyal visitor of Renaissance Aruba ResortARUBA – Recently, Ms. Darline S. de Cuba honored loyal guest a Goodwill Ambassador.

The symbolic honorary title is presented in the name of the Minister of Tourism as a token of appreciation to guests who visit Aruba between 10 and 19 consecutive years

Papillon’s mussels arrived again!

Mossel papillon 2014 artikel aangepastThe mussels that are served in the weekends of July and August at Papillon restaurant in The Village are bursting with taste, fleshy and sumptuous.

Flown in from Zeeland in the south of Holland, they are still dripping sea water, so to speak. Early last month the first mussel crop was allowed to be picked and the verdict from the experts was that it was of excellent quality, even though the temperature of the water has not been as favorable as other years.

HumanHints, today ‘Remove Your Roadblocks’

Yesterday we discussed the concept of aligning different aspects of your self toward a common goal. Today we will discuss common roadblocks and resistance that we create and use for self-sabotage. If we don’t manifest our desires, it is because we don’t want to, and we don’t want to because we have developed a negative association with living the life of our dreams and getting everything we’ve always wanted.

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