HumanHints, today ‘Learn To Laugh’ Part 3 – Overcoming The Body

Yesterday we discussed laughter as a way to get your self out of despair. Today we’ll continue our discussion. Getting your self out of despair might be the hardest thing you’ve ever done, because the body loves the sensation of despair and it wants to hold onto it. Your body and logical mind will do everything in their power to keep you feeling your own personal Human Hell. The alternative is to remain in extreme misery, even though you consciously know how to get out.

Today is Thursday, October 16, the 289th day of 2014. There are 76 days left in the year.

Elizabeth Bowen, Irish-born author (1899-1973)Thought for Today:

To walk into history is to be free at once, to be at large among people – Elizabeth Bowen, Irish-born author (1899-1973).



Page-02Oranjestad – The Association of Aruban Realtors, (AAR) together with Dot 1 Technologies have recently launched Aruba’s most advanced, and complete multiple listing website

This state of the art website will allow visitors to access information and find the most up to date and complete list of properties for sale and for rent on Aruba.
Through the partnership of Aruba’s 15 largest and most reputable real estate/ property management companies. showcases more than 80% of the real estate market on the island. This makes the largest portal of real estate of Aruba.

Papillon opens the hunting season 2014

Wild seizoen almost there 2014Papillon Restaurant is ready for the 2014 Game Season

Papillon Restaurant is getting ready for the 2014 Game Season. No, this is not about baseball, this is about meat. And game lovers are licking their lips in anticipation of game consommé, slowly cooked Hare, Rack of Wild Boar that will shortly become available to them at restaurant Papillon in The Village, across from the Radisson Resort.

Mary Joan Foundation offers lectures for Companies: “Knowledge is Power”

aruba breastOctober is breast cancer awareness month symbolized by the pink ribbon. Mary Joan Foundation (MJF) focuses on support of its clients as well as awareness of the Aruban community and promotes that early detection can save lives. MJF offers support to their clients in different ways. Our service is in the form of a social worker and a psychologist in conjunction with guided yoga and fitness training.

HumanHints, today ‘Learn To Laugh’ Part 2 – How To Make Your Self Laugh

Yesterday we discussed the importance of laughter and playing thru life. Laughter and play allow the frequencies of Universal Grace into your life. How do you make yourself laugh? Think of something that has made you laugh in the past. Think of a situation or something that someone said or a situation that made you laugh out loud, then let yourself laugh out loud again.

Today is Wednesday, October 15, the 288th day of 2014. There are 77 days left in the year.

Theodore Roosevelt, 26th president of the United States (1858-1919)Thought For Today:

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are – Theodore Roosevelt, 26th president of the United States (1858-1919).


The Purchase of a Hat at Caribbean Queen, Rewarded with a Return Trip to Aruba

Page-02Palm Beach – Karen & Don Pizzo returned to Aruba just recently using their complimentary round-trip airfare to enjoy a 1-week stay at Playa Linda Beach Resort, all courtesy of The Salamander Group!

The famous retailer has been offering an annual free trip to Aruba through a raffle on its flyers and ads at three of its popular locations: T.H. Palm & Company (Playa Linda Beach Resort), Caribbean Queen (Palm Beach Plaza Mall), and Caribbean Clothing Company (Main Street, Oranjestad). 

Playa Linda pleased to support Aruba’s ‘Hoben y Talentoso’

hobennan Arubiano HyT ENG 02PALM BEACH – The spotlight on the island’s youth, through the “Hoben y Talentoso” (Young and Talented) program, continues to shine as revealed through an ever-growing number of visits to its Facebook page. Since the page was launched on September 1st, its video interviews, photo profiles and program spotlights have garnered over 1,200 “likes”.

Aruba Airport Authority – Aruba invests for tomorrow

Aruba Airport AuthorityThe Aruba Airport Authority (AAA) has been making a significant investment in the Queen Beatrix International Airport, which is located on the largely leisure destination island of Aruba in the Caribbean, including a revamp of its website.

“An airport with constant investments should also be able to provide its users a preview of what they can expect prior to their arrival at the airport,” says AAA chief executive Peter Steinmetz.

Little Known Venezuelan Airline To Begin Suriname Flights

airlinePARAGUANA, Venezuela – As part of tourism agreements between Venezuela and Suriname, an obscure small airline from Venezuela, Aero Paraguana, will commence service to Suriname from November 27 according to the manager of the airline, Venancio Polanco.

Polanco said that Suriname is a unique destination with a good tourism product; hotels, food and attractions.

HumanHints, today ‘Learn To Laugh’ Part 1 – Laughter and Play

Learn how to make yourself laugh at will. This is a powerful technique that it is easier than you might think. We’re supposed to play thru life, but as adults, we think that doing is the only way to get thru life. The fundamental energy of playing and doing is completely different. When we do, we try to control. When we play, we allow Universal Grace into our lives.

Today is Tuesday, October 14, the 287th day of 2014. There are 78 days left in the year

Leo Tolstoy, Russian author (1828-1910)Thought For Today:

It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness – Leo Tolstoy, Russian author (1828-1910).


Jean Merisieri concludes fifteen years of service at Caribbean Palm Village Resort

Page-02Noord - An informal anniversary celebration at Caribbean Palm Village Resort acknowledged Jean Merisieri’s long and successful involvement with the charming resort in the Noord neighborhood.

His first eight years were spent at the security department, he informs, watching over the safety of guests and property. When he later welcomed a change of pace, management offered him a position in the maintenance department as the resort’s painter, entrusting him with the resort’s ongoing effort to refresh and maintain its tropical look and feel.

Aruba’s Social Column “Bati Bleki” by Rona Coster October 13th, 2014

Page-05FRESH & CRAZY. The recent Banjolux Bathroom Accessories & Supplies commercials played in theaters make me laugh. The first one, with the man destroying his bathroom to make room for an upgraded version by Banjolux gets my full support. I like this entertaining angle better than the previous, so called risqué, magical-reality commercial with showers in the jungle. This one with the dust, protective coverall and heavy duty hammer was funny. Both manic husband and kill-joy wife were credible and loveable. But this week, I had to take a second look, then it was over. And I am going to the movies again on Sunday, just to get to the bottom, no pun intended, of the new commercial featuring three totally nude, very muscular and tattooed hunks, lined up in the shower, sharing a red, slippery bar of soap.

All human beings deserve care and affection!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAARUBA – On the 11th of October 2014 (Saturday), the Kiwanis Circle K Club of the University of Aruba held its ‘Day with the Elderly’ at Huize Mari Stella Savaneta from 9am until 1pm in the afternoon. Circle K’s members spent a wonderful day with the elderly. The club’s goal is to serve the community of Aruba and therefore the elderly will never be forgotten.

Pet missing from Opal in Noord. A small black cat

Pet missing from Opal in Noord 02Oranjestad Citizens call for help if anyone has seen or found this pet to please contact them.

The pet is a small cat, entirely black, has short hair and green eyes. She is female and about 1 year old. She was wearing two collars. One collar has an engraved plaque with her name MIMI and phone number of her owner 597 4459. You can also contact (+297) 738 1606 which also receives WhatsApp messages.

Protect your skin from Sunburn – an article by Heidi Marchena, pharmacist at Botica di Servicio

Sunburn is the result of overexposure of the skin to ultraviolet radiation. There are two types of UV rays, UVA and UVB, both of which can harm your skin. UVA rays penetrate deep into the layers of the skin and lead to premature signs of aging. UVB rays are the primary cause of sunburn, because they penetrate the outer layer of skin and can damage skin cells.

HumanHints, today ‘External Forces’

Self awareness is the ultimate personal power. When you know your self, you become more aware of external forces forces acting on you. Your genuine self is the only baseline reference point by which we can measure external forces. When an external force acts on you, you can feel it. It is blissful at best and infuriating at worst. Your reaction to an external force depends on if you’re aligned with it.

Today is Monday, Oct. 13, the 286th day of 2014. There are 79 days left in the year.

Pete Seeger, American folk singer and activist (1919-2014)This is the Columbus Day holiday in the U.S., as well as Thanksgiving Day in Canada.

Thought for Today: “Do you know the difference between education and experience? Education is when you read the fine print; experience is what you get when you don’t.” – Pete Seeger, American folk singer and activist (1919-2014).

Local Artist Carol Ras is Caribbean Queen for the Month of October at Caribbean Queen Boutique

Page-02Palm Beach – Each month Caribbean Queen at Palm Beach Plaza Mall honors one local female artist who lives and creates here.  The Caribbean Queen program was launched when the store opened in late 2011, and has been running successfully ever since. For the month of October 2014, local artist Carol Ras is the boutique’s celebrated Caribbean Queen, showcasing her hand-made jewelry collection.

Carol, born in Aruba, lived, studied and worked in the Netherlands for almost 20 years.

Real Estate Miriam answers all.

Real Estate Miriam answers allAsk Real Estate expert Miriam Engeln anything about properties in ARUBA, such as how to invest in real estate, how to maximize occupancy in vacation properties, rental income tips, constructing a house, home exchange, house flipping, retire-/ moving to ARUBA and so on.

This week’s questions and answers: Susan Jones; I was told I can buy a property built on lease land, is that true?


BUCUTI Press Release TCNE Oct 2014_EngEAGLE BEACH – Aruba’s Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts continues to raise the bar with customer satisfaction this week as the resort was awarded “Best Hotel” by Thomas Cook Northern Europe, the top tour operator in the region. The honor was a result of Bucuti earning the highest consumer rating from 1.5 million customers throughout Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Over 1,500 hotels were in the running for the award across the globe.

Red Sox Shortstop Outlook: Xander Bogaerts Looking To Silence Doubters

MLB: Boston Red Sox-Photo DayThe Boston Red Sox’s shortstop situation turned into a mess this season.

Xander Bogaerts started at shortstop, shifted to third base and then started at short again after the Red Sox traded Stephen Drew to the New York Yankees at the Major League Baseball non-waiver trade deadline. Essentially, the Red Sox are back to square one as they enter a crucial offseason.

Self Care – an article written by Heidi Marchena, pharmacist at Botica di Servicio

heidi marchenaSelf care and self care products can empower by providing the knowledge and tools to improve the quality of life in general and your own in particular.  Taking regular exercise and a healthy balanced diet areeveryday examples.Minor symptoms such as a headache or a cold can usually be treated by yourself,  using products purchased over-the-counter at your local pharmacy.

Aruba Airport Authority N.V. celebrated in honor of 9 employees who together have a total of 140 years in service at the Airport.

Aruba Airport 1ORANJESTAD – Recently Aruba Airport Authority N.V. had reason to celebrate: a total of 140 years of service of 9 colleagues.

Myrna Lioe-A-Tjam celebrated her 25th year, Rigoberto Dirksz, Martino Tromp, Henery Christiaans, Alfredo Oduber, Jacqueline Angela, Dixiane Arends and Sharitsa Henriquez each celebrated their 15th year in service, while Cynthia Smith celebrated her 10th anniversary at the airport.

HumanHints, today ‘Passionate Journey To A Meaningless Destination’

It’s been said that in order to master the physical world, we must try as hard as we can to achieve our goals, then remain totally indifferent to even the greatest failure and success. This is the simple message of the famous Bhagavad-Gita, and is found most other places where enlightenment is discussed. It seems like a conflicting idea to our logical mind. Why would we even strive for something in the first place, if we didn’t care about the results?

Today is Saturday, October 11, the 284th day of 2014. There are 81 days left in the year.

In America, an hour is forty minutes - German saying.Thought For Today:

In America, an hour is forty minutes – German saying.


Top Entertainer in Aruba 2014 Award for Aruba Sinatra Dinner Show!

Page-02Oranjestad, Aruba – The Aruba Sinatra Dinner Show has received an Award “Top Entertainer in Aruba 2014” by is a vacation website specialized on Caribbean vacations trusted by and serving the Canadian market.


According to “Aruba Sinatra Dinner Show is fast becoming one of the most popular evening events on the island. This performance creatively ties together three important factors; relaxation, romance, and delicious cuisine.

At La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino The Eagle Team Celebrates its Achievements at a Special Event

The Eagle Team's celebration 07Eagle Beach – The Eagle Team, a group of social and community conscious associates at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino celebrated its achievements by convening for an especially catered  lunch at the resort conference room.

The dynamic team just spearheaded a renovation project at the Hilario Angela College in San Nicolas, an elementary school in the local public school system.

The Kinchen family honored at the Casa del mar Beach Resort

??????????Recently the Aruba Tourism Authority had the great pleasure of honoring a very nice family whom are loyal and friendly visitors of Aruba, at the Casa Del Mar Beach Resort Beach Resort, as Distinguished Visitors. The symbolic honorary title is presented in the name of the Minister of Tourism as a token of appreciation to guests who visit Aruba from 10 to 19 consecutive years.

Muriel Jaekel honored at the Aruba Beach Club

??????????Recently the Aruba Tourism Authority had the great pleasure of honoring a very nice lady, who is a loyal and friendly Visitor of Aruba, as Ambassador of Goodwill, at the Aruba Beach Club. The symbolic honorary title is presented in the name of the Minister of Tourism as a token of appreciation to guests who visit Aruba for 20 or more consecutive years.

Aruba Airport also celebrated KLM’s 95 years

Aruba Airport also celebrated KLM’s 95 years 02ORANJESTAD – Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA) together with the local KLM employees celebrated the 95th anniversary of Dutch carrier KLM.

As it enters its 95th year of service, KLM is generally considered to be the world’s oldest carrier still flying under its original name. Several airlines that preceded KLM’s founding have been merged into aviation companies that still exist today, but none of those pre-1919 airline brands have survived.

21st Annual FCCA Conference and Trade Show Helps Destinations and Stakeholders Increase Cruise Tourism Business

21st Annual FCCA Conference and Trade ShowThe Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) Conference & Trade Show closes today as the largest and most successful in the event’s 21-year history. Over 1,200 cruise tourism stakeholders-along with 100 cruise line executives, presidents and CEOs-gathered for a four-day agenda loaded with business sessions, networking opportunities and chances to maximize cruise tourism’s impact, along with the attention and knowledge of cruise line personnel who decide where cruise ships call, what to sell onboard and if they should invest in destination infrastructure.

HumanHints, today ‘Intention or Result’ Part 2 – Inner Competition

Yesterday we talked about how to judge our efforts and intentions. Today we continue our discussion. Only we can judge our own personal effort. Only we know if we do everything in our power to do the best we can. Only we can define our own abilities. Only we determine our personal weaknesses and strengths. Only we can devise life challenges that will make us grow in our intended direction, because only we know how we react to any given external force.

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