Today is Saturday, October 25, the 298th day of 2014. There are 67 days left in the year.

Lord Chesterfield, English author and statesman (1694-1773)Thought for Today:

It is an undoubted truth that the less one has to do, the less time one finds to do it in – Lord Chesterfield, English author and statesman (1694-1773).


Musical Star Jasper Taconis & Friends Perform Live at Bugaloe Beach Bar Tonight!

Page-02Palm Beach – Bugaloe Beach Bar & Grill, located on the Palm Pier between Radisson Aruba Resort and Riu Palace Hotel is proud to present another amazing live music event this weekend! Come down to the best beach bar and enjoy a fun night under the Caribbean sky, with perfect sunset views and a delicious cocktail in hand!  We promise you do not want to miss this, so clear your schedule and we will see you tonight with the one and only musical star: Jasper Taconis & friends!

Tonight, October 24th from 8pm till closing time, Bugaloe will transform to Aruba’s own little musical event stage.

Stellaris Casino is proud to launched the Sphinx 3D machines

Stellaris Casino 05Palm Beach – Stellaris Casino as the biggest casino on the island recently launched the latest in technology in slot machines. Stellaris Casino is proud to be the first casino in the Latin America region to have launched the Sphinx 3D machines. This took place during a grand event where Stellaris Casino offered the first 50 people the opportunity to experience these new machines.

Two for one price at CILO City Lounge on Friday afternoons

Friday Happy Hour 2014Phew, the week is done, the weekend is looming! Two whole days filled with fun waiting for you, so time to celebrate on Friday afternoons.

CILO City Lounge has the perfect incentive for you: a two-for-the-price-of-one drink special. And we mean on every drink, cocktail or mix you can think of between 5 and 7 pm. Fabulous singer/guitarist Angelo Koolman will be singing the emerging stars from the sky starting at 6 pm and he will be competing with the twinkling lights of the marina and the colorful view that CILO guests can enjoy.

Enjoy the warm Caribbean breeze with the Schreiner family at Bugaloe!

guest of the week (43) Jim and ConnieOnce again we are featuring two wonderful Bugaloe Guests of the Week! Jim and Connie Schreiner have been visiting Aruba for the last 15 years and look forward to the moment they can step off the plane and into the warm Caribbean sand. They are quick to drop their bags at the Radisson and head down to Bugaloe, their favorite spot on the island for great food and even better memories.

La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino hosts a quarterly award ceremony

LA CANANA AWARDS 04Eagle Beach – During a special lunch celebration at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino, members of management lauded associates, supervisors and teams, nominated for exceptional performance during July, August & September of 2014.

One by one, nominees took center stage at the conference room and were individually praised for their dedication and loyalty by their direct supervisors.

HumanHints, today ‘Higher Power’ Part 2 – Self-Reliance

Higher Power doesn’t reward good acts or punish bad. Higher Power, by definition, doesn’t know the difference between good and bad. Humans know the difference because we’re in it and we feel it. We’re in the trenches while Higher Power watches from fully-stocked underground bunkers. Too often, decisions from Above ignore Humanity. CEOs cut the workforce for the good of the Company. Governments steal from taxpayers for the good of the Nation.

Today is Friday, October 24, the 297th day of 2014. There are 68 days left in the year.

Today is FridayThought for Today:

Happiness is not a horse; you cannot harness it – Russian proverb.


Daniel and Robin Connolly have returned for their 12th trip to Aruba!

Daniel and Robin Connolly 00ARUBA – The love aruba, the beaches, the weather, the people… it truly is paradise. We were  engaged in Aruba in 2012, on a trip that Robin’s mother joined. When it came time to plan a wedding we knew it had to be here. So last October surrounded my 60 of our closest friends and family, we arrived on the island to get married. It started off with a welcome party at the Moomba beach bar, it was amazing, bbq right on the beach with live music, everyone had a great time to start off the weekend.

We then had the civil ceremony at city hall the next morning, and the beach ceremony at the Hyatt.

Aristoteles Neto Wins 2014 PPC Aruba Main Event, Turning $65 Into $62,764!

Aristoteles Neto Wins 2014 PPC Aruba Main EventIt was a record turnout for the 2014 PPC Aruba World Championship $2,200 Main Event with a total of 138 entrants taking part in the poker action in beautiful Aruba. Ten of those players returned Monday, already in the money, with their eye on the $62,764 that would be handed out for first place.

Aristoteles Neto came into the final table with the chip lead and he would assume command from the very get go.

Loyal members honored at the Marriott Surf Club

??????????Recently the Aruba Tourism Authority had the great pleasure of honoring a group of loyal and friendly Visitors of Aruba, at the Marriott Surf Club as Distinguished Visitors. The symbolic honorary titles are presented in the name of the Minister of Tourism as a token of appreciation to guests who visit Aruba for 10 to 19 consecutive years.

Loyal visitors honored at the Divi Phoenix

??????????Recently the Aruba Tourism Authority had the great pleasure of honoring a group of loyal and friendly Visitors of Aruba, at the Divi Phoenix Beach Resort, as Distinguished Visitors and Ambassadors of Goodwill. The symbolic honorary title is presented in the name of the Minister of Tourism as a token of appreciation to guests who visit Aruba for 10 to 19 and 20 or more consecutive years.

Loyal visitors honored at the La Quinta Beach Resort

??????????Recently the Aruba Tourism Authority had the great pleasure of honoring a group of loyal and friendly Visitors of Aruba, at the La Quinta Beach Resort, as Distinguished Visitors and Ambassadors of Goodwill. The symbolic honorary title is presented in the name of the Minister of Tourism as a token of appreciation to guests who visit Aruba for 10 to 19 and 20 or more consecutive years.

Employees of Papillon Restaurant lucky to taste all the exquisite game meat.

Papillon Restaurant lucky to taste all the exquisite game meatLast week Chef Michael prepared all the game meat that is on the hunting season menu, especially for all the employees of Papillon Restaurant.

The employees set the table ready and were excited to taste all this particularly game meat.

They tried every delightful dish. From game consume to the wild boar to the traditional slowly cooked hare.

HumanHints, today ‘Higher Power’ Part 1 – Neutral

Good and bad do not exist beyond the body and the realm of physical matter. Acts are not punished or rewarded by a higher power. By definition, a higher power is beyond the physical realm of polarities. Higher power tries to keep you on your Life’s Path. It doesn’t have any concept of pain, suffering, or joy. It knows only how close you are to experiencing and learning what you agreed to before you became unconscious in a physical body.

Today is Thursday, Oct. 23, the 296th day of 2014. There are 69 days left in the year.

Marcus Aurelius, Roman emperor (CE 121-CE 180)Thought for Today: “Be content with what you are, and wish not change; nor dread your last day, nor long for it.” – Marcus Aurelius, Roman emperor (CE 121-CE 180).

Today’s Highlight in History: On Oct. 23, 1944, the World War II Battle of Leyte (LAY’-tee) Gulf began, resulting in a major Allied victory against Japanese forces.

Mr. & Mrs. Conti chose Aruba and the Aruba Marriott to renew their vows

Mr & Mrs. Conti 00PALM BEACH – Mr. Frank & Mrs. Joanne Conti are residents of North Fork of Long Island New York and are loyal visitors of Aruba for 15 years. The couple first visited the island back in 1999 for their honeymoon and have been coming back ever since. Aruba became their second home and special place to celebrate their anniversary with family and friends. The couple had celebrated their 10th anniversary with a renewal on the beach at the Aruba Marriott and returned to Aruba this year to renew their vows for their 15th anniversary. Their ceremony was held at the Marriott Ocean Club in front of 30 family members and close friends followed with an intimate reception at the H2Oasis Adult Pool.

Divi Resorts host an emotional retirement party, at the Alhambra Ballroom

retirement (60)Eagle Beach – Managing Director Alex Nieuwmeyer, was joined by his entire executive team for the emotional retirement party of thirteen employees at the Alhambra Ballroom.

The retiring dignitaries, with bragging right to 381 years of experience, reported mixed feelings about leaving their much-loved resort company, yet they all expressed predominant joy about new opportunities, and spending more time with family members and friends.

Kenja Howel is Employee of the Third Quarter at Caribbean Palm Beach Resort

Kenja Howel 01Noord – An informal morning gathering over snacks and refreshments marked the election of the Employee of the 3rd quarter at Caribbean Palm Beach Resort. The always phenomenal Kenja Howell landed the top award by virtue of being cooperative, loyal, helpful and always prepared to go above and beyond the call of duty.


Gouden Carolus Classis is the Beer of the Month at Taste of Belgium Restaurant

Gouden Carolus Classic beer of the monthThe Gouden (Golden) Carolus Classic, one of Belgium’s premium beers, is Beer of the Month October at Taste of Belgium Restaurant in the Palm Beach Plaza Mall.

This beer is named after Emperor Karel V with regard to the golden coins with his image on it. 

HumanHints, today ‘Heart Protector’ Part 2

Yesterday, we introduced the concept of the Heart Protector, the organ that surrounds the Heart, as the physical place that facilitates the balance between Logic and Emotion. In business, the Heart Protector must remain mostly closed. With few exceptions, there is very little room for Love or compassion if the goal is to run a successful business in today’s ruthless capitalistic world.

Today is Wednesday October 22nd, the 295th day of 2014.There are 70 days left in the year.

Vittorio De Sica, Italian movie director (1901-1974)Thought for Today:

Moral indignation is in most cases 4 percent moral, 46 percent indignation, and 50 percent envy – Vittorio De Sica, Italian movie director (1901-1974).


EPB Hospitality Students Host 3-Course Lunch Two time per week Starting October 21st, 2014

Page-02ARUBA – During their graduation year, the students of EPB, the local basic professional training high school, need to practice what they learned, while interacting with each other and clients in real-life restaurant situations. The Aloe Restaurant and its professional commercial kitchen is where these students train and invite the general public to enjoy a three-course lunch for only Afl. 25,00 per person, every Tuesday and Wednesday to work towards their diploma.
Lunch is served every Tuesday and Wednesday from noon to 2 p.m. Starting October 21st, 2014 until November 19th, 2014 when they go on break for the holidays. The restaurant opens back on January 06th, 2015 and close March 11th, 2015, at the end of the academic year.

Ola Triumphs at the Record-Breaking 2014 Chivas Regal Aruba Caribbean Cup!

Ola Triumphs at the RecordThe last day of the tournament proved to be very memorable with record-breaking billfish caught. The Ola, a beautiful custom yacht owned by Sidney Ponson walked away with the victory in the Fifth Annual Chivas Regal Aruba Caribbean Cup in grand style. This year’s tournament broke a five year catc record with 75 billfish released. The team of Sidney Ponson, Gregorio Maduro, Michael Pascia & Rudolpho Ras caught two blue marlin and a white marlin on the third day of the tournament alone to tally 2,300 points.

Aruba Tourism Authority honored Goodwill Ambassadors at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino

Aruba Tourism Authority honored Goodwill Ambassadors at La Cabana Beach Resort Casino 01ARUBA – Recently, Ms. Darline S. de Cuba honored loyal guest a Goodwill Ambassador and Distinguished Visitors.

The symbolic honorary title is presented in the name of the Minister of Tourism as a token of appreciation to guests who visit Aruba between 10 and 19 consecutive years.

Michael Kors Celebrates God’s Love We Deliver

DSC_9726We are pleased to announce that the following women wore Michael Kors to the Eighth Annual God’s Love We Deliver Golden Heart Awards Gala on Thursday, October 16, 2014 in New York City.

Anna Wintour: Indigo sheath dress with lilac embroidery from the Spring 2015 collection.

Halle Berry: Optic white and indigo dress from the Michael Kors Spring 2015 collection.

HumanHints, today ‘Heart Protector’ Part 1

Whether we want to admit it or not, we are each Masters of our own domain. We each rule our own personal physical kingdom, starting with the human body. A good Leader must rule with compassion, but compassion leaves us vulnerable. In relationship, we must have compassion for others, which leaves us vulnerable. As with all things, there is a balance we must find in each moment, both consciously and beyond our awareness.

Today is Tuesday, October 21, the 294th day of 2014. There are 71 days left in the year

Charles Buxton, English author (1823-1871)Thought for Today:

You will never ‘find’ time for anything. If you want time you must make it – Charles Buxton, English author (1823-1871).


Ola Conquers Day Two with a grand slam in the 2014 Chivas Regal Aruba Caribbean Cup!

Ola 00ARUBA – The fishing turned slow day two, but not for Ola who took a big lead with a grand slam for extra points in the Chivas Regal Aruba Caribbean Cup, Presented by Varadero Marina. Ola, captained by Gregorio Maduro, released a blue marlin, a white marlin & a sailfish today to score a total of 1400 points. The Ola team of Sidney Ponson, Michael Pascia & Rudolpho Ras hooked their first marlin at 10:15 am then again at 10:35 am.

In second place is Alina, captained by Eric Mansur, with a score of 800 points. In third, came Anthony Maduro’s Reel Teasers, all female team with 500 points. The ladies continued to fish strong looking to place in the tournament.

Aruba’s Social Column “Bati Bleki” by Rona Coster October 20th, 2014

Page-05HORECA HALLOWEEN NIGHT AT HOLLYWOOD SMOKEHOUSE. Pepia Est Aruba, an import & distribution wholesale company of premium liquors & fine wines, partners with the Hollywood Smokehouse at the Alhambra Casino & Shops,  to host a HORECA night once a month, on the last Monday of the month, from 11pm to 1am, with specially priced mixed drinks, and live DJ. On Monday the 29th, Halloween costumes will be added to the happening, reports Taylor Escobedo, who runs the show on HORECA night. Bar Manager mixologist AJ Tromp has a lot to play with courtesy of Pepia Est, mixing cocktails starring Sauza Club, Absolut Vodka, Havana Club and Chivas, reminding us to live with chivalry.

HumanHints, today ‘Emotional Sovereignty’ Part 1 – Opposition

The word sovereign is often used in politics. It is defined as, “Supreme authority within a territory.” We have spoken of each person’s individual sovereignty, which can loosely be thought of as how much Say a person has in their own life. Just as important as individual sovereignty, is the concept of Emotional Sovereignty. What the heck am I talking about now? Come exploring with me and we’ll see what we can discover together.

Today is Monday, Oct. 20, the 293rd day of 2014. There are 72 days left in the year.

President Herbert C. Hoover (1874-1964)Thought for Today: “Being a politician is a poor profession. Being a public servant is a noble one.” – President Herbert C. Hoover (1874-1964).

Today’s Highlights in History: On Oct. 20, 1944, during World War II, Gen. Douglas MacArthur stepped ashore at Leyte (LAY’-tee) in the Philippines, 2 1/2 years after saying, “I shall return.” The cities of Belgrade and Dubrovnik were liberated by Russian and Yugoslav troops. The Guatemala Revolution took place as student and military leaders overthrew the military dictatorship. A series of gas storage tank explosions and fires in Cleveland killed 130 people.

Croleco Snacks: True Aruban Quality, Craftsmanship, Tradition and Taste!

Croleco Snacks 00Oranjestad - Did you know that Aruba is home to one of the world’s most delicious snacks? Founded right here on Aruba, Croleco Snacks is the creator of the delicious Croleco Croquette which hit plates  over 40 years ago! This history makes it the oldest and only Aruban family-owned snack business on the island.

It all started way back in the ‘70s in a small kitchen at Macuarima 167-a in Santa Cruz when Rosalinda ‘Ties’ Lee created the delicious recipe for the famous Croleco Snacks Croquette.

Real Estate Miriam answers all

LOGO MIRIAMAsk Real Estate expert Miriam Engeln anything about properties in ARUBA, such as how to invest in real estate, how to maximize occupancy in vacation properties, rental income tips, constructing a house, home exchange, house flipping, retire-/ moving to ARUBA and so on.

This week’s question by Enrique Hernandez: “How easy or difficult is it for a new company to enter the vacation rental/real estate industry on Aruba?”


Kors/ WFP shoot in El Cu· area of Jinotega department of Nicaragua.NEW YORK – Today on CNN Michael Kors announced that in honor of World Food Day, he will personally donate 100 meals to children in need for each person who posts a photograph wearing his Watch Hunger Stop T-shirt on any social media platform using the hashtag #WatchHungerStop. Kors said he hoped people would join in the conversation and help raise public awareness about ending global hunger.

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