On vacation with medication – an article by Heidi Marchena, pharmacist at Botica di Servicio

ARUBA – Planning a vacation usually includes a thorough check of the travel requirements such as flight, lodgings, passport, maybe a needed visa or preventive shots, etc. Something easily overlooked and forgotten is to make preparations for needed prescription medication, with the risk of turning the vacation into a nightmare. Prior to departure a few steps can be taken to eliminate future problems. First, ask your physician to provide a letter describing your specific health condition and related use of medication. In case of emergency this information can be very useful to a physician at destination and, if applicable, this letter can support your claim at customs your need to bring drugs in or out of the country. Secondly, ask your pharmacist to provide a copy of your last filled prescription and a list stating the brand name(s) of the drug(s), along with the generic description.

The actual traveling is done with the medication at hand and in reach, stored in a bag, backpack, pocket or cool container if applicable. But never in luggage! Luggage might not be easily accessible when it’s time to take the medication, luggage can be lost, and luggage cannot explain to custom agents what the medication (drugs!) is doing in the luggage. Make sure the quantity of medication is more than enough for the entire vacation and keep it in its original container to avoid questions and loss. In case of emergency while abroad contact the local consulate or embassy and your health insurance company. They can tell you what to do.

These pre-travel preparations should eliminate any foreseeable problems that may arise while traveling.

Travel (abroad) can be a wonderful, relaxing experience. Don’t let a bottle of pills spoil the vacation of your lifetime.

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