IS IT REAL? Family vacationing in aruba, Juggles IGUANA’S!!!!

Comedy tv star, juggler, Michael Rosman to perform this week, 9pm nightly, at the Magic Live! theater, westin resort, aruba AMAZING feats of Juggling star, Michael Rosman, (left), with his protege juggling kids, rehearse on-stage, at the Magic Live! show tonight, an impossible feat, never been done before, especially in aruba, the ancient art of, Iguana Juggling!!!!. SEE IT LIVE! for yourself, laugh it up! 9pm nightly, this week only, at the Magic Live, comedy theater, wed, March 21, thurs, March 22, & fri, March 23.

Tickets at the door. Ticket details: . Group sales; (297) 561-1090.

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