ImSan launches its new logo

During a special presentation last Wednesday April 13 2011, the management of ImSan (Instituto Medico San Nicolas) presented its new logo to the employees. The presentation was given by Mr. Marion Agunbero, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Mrs. Monica Nuboer, Medical Coordinator & CPR Instructor, where an explanation was given how the new logo was created and what it represents. “The development of the new logo and house-style was initiated after research on Aruba confirmed that there are several names in use by the Aruban community for this institution. Also a lot of people don’t know which medical services are provided by ImSan”, Mr. Agunbero explained.  At the moment the services consist of: E.R., diabetic centre, 2 family practitioners, x-ray, eye-clinic, wound-clinic, and a station of the Aruban ambulance service. In the near future some new functions will be added.

“With this new logo, ImSan wants to bring the institution closer to the local community. The new logo originates from the “star of life”, which traditionally has been used as a means of identification for medical personnel, equipment and vehicles. For ImSan the “star of life” symbolizes the people of Aruba. The pentagon centrally located in the logo illustrates the role ImSan occupies, in the heart of the Aruban community. The slogan “Where people meet care” highlights the promise of ImSan to the community. From now on the new logo will be used on all stationary, signage in and around the clinic, personnel advertisements, uniforms and of course a new website will follow soon, Mrs. Nuboer explained.

After the presentation, the employees received a cake with the new logo on it. With this launch ImSan initiates the upcoming new plans”, Mr. Agunbero explained.

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