Downdraft causes millions in damages to Noord area

ORANJESTAD – Yesterday morning, a downdraft caused great damage in many areas in  Noord where roofs flew from houses and trees fell. The St. Anna Church was badly damaged and many of the elementary schools were hit and kept the doors closed. The authorities reported no injuries and have so far only assisted scattered traumatized people.

Roads around the church in the north were closed yesterday and power was down. The Aruba Red Cross emergency shelter for victims in Dakota was opened for victims whose homes were damaged.

The forces of nature began yesterday at approximately half past six.

It was not the big dark rain cloud that drew attention to the sky, but the constant rumbling and thundering. Part of that cloud suddenly began to turn downward in the shape of a tornado and continued to touch down several times. Residents living in the area were stuck in their homes and cars during the storm.

Many of the elementary schools will be closed on Friday.  According to Minister Arthur Dowers, more than 1,000 children have been affected and will not be able to return to school today.

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