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Tya Hurkmans is Caribbean Queen for April

Palm Beach – Every month, Caribbean Queen at Palm Beach Plaza Mall honors one local female artist who lives and creates here.  The Caribbean Queen program was launched when the store opened in late 2011. For the month of April 2014, local artist Tya Hurkmans is the boutique’s celebrated Caribbean Queen, showcasing the art of [...]

Aruba Meets Europe with Toes in the Sand at Divi Phoenix

Palm Beach -Delegate of the annual Aruba Meets Europe, AME, hoteliers and members of the Aruba Tourism Authority and the Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association enjoyed a most creative evening offered by Divi Resorts and hosted by it Managing Director Alex Nieuwmeyer and his executive staff at the Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort.

Dennis and Marge Hart coming to Aruba to celebrate their Golden Anniversary

Next Friday Aruba will receive the visit of a very lovely couple, Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Marge Hart, this very nice couple are loyal and friendly visitors of Aruba for more than 25 years, and they will be staying at their home away from home the Costa Linda Beach Resort. Marge & Dennis Hart are [...]

A group of Loyal Goodwill Ambassadors honored at Costa Linda Beach Resort by Aruba Tourist Authority

Recently, Ms. Darline S. de Cubahad the great pleasure of honored a group of Loyal and friendly visitors at Costa Linda Beach Resort as Goodwill Ambassadors. The symbolic honorary title is presented in the name of the Minister of Tourism as a token of appreciation to guest who visiting Aruba for 10 and 20 years consecutive. 

Radisson commemorates Earth Day 2014

Palm Beach – Tuesday, April 22, 2014, is commemorated as Earth Day this year. Earth Day was first recognized in 1970 and has become one of the biggest global movements towards a more sustainable future. Each year, over a billion people in more than 190 countries around the globe demonstrate their support for Earth Day [...]

Beach Soccer Aruba Celebrates 15th Annual Copa Cees Bossers on Eagle Beach.

ARUBA – This Thursday April 17th, Beach Soccer Aruba kicks off the 15th annual “Copa Cees Bossers”. Aruba’s prestigious Eagle Beach has been transformed into a sandy white soccer field for an amazing four days of Beach Soccer. Players face off to showcase their talent on Aruba’s Eagle Beach, named #5 of the Best Beaches [...]

AME Lunch & Business Session unfolds at the Radisson Aruba Resort Casino & Spa

Oranjestad – The Sunset Grille Restaurant at the Radisson Aruba Resort Casino & Spa was buzzing with activity as Aruba Meets Europe, AMS, delegates enjoyed a delicious business lunch, a welcome respite in their otherwise busy agenda. Immediately following lunch they joined a work-session at the Grand Caribbean Ballroom, focusing on the island’s relationship with [...]


PALM BEACH – The fourth and final day of Aruba Meets Europe (AME) 2014 started off with a market place at Renaissance Convention Center, offering all 40 participating tour operators from 11 European countries the opportunity to meet with Aruba’s larger hotels and local destination management companies.


PALM BEACH – The Stellaris Casino at the Aruba Marriott is the first casino in South America to launch the award-winning ALPHA 2 Pro Wave slot machines from Bally Technologies. The Pro Wave brings a new level of gaming platform design to casinos with its trailblazing 40-inch/100-centimeter curved high-definition monitor.

At Amazonia Churrascaria Wine Tasting with Monrick Croes of the Art of Dining Service Management

Palm Beach — Staffers at Amazonia Churrascaria convened in the private banquet room for a wine tasting orchestrated by wine expert Mondrick Croes. The gathering was designed to pair food and wine, and to enhance the understanding of wine production and marketing, as it relates to today’s lifestyle, customer preferences and wine sales.

The Caribbean Palm Village Resort Conducts an Award Ceremony

Noord – Staff members at the Caribbean Palm Village Resort congregated for an early morning award ceremony to praise and applaud their peers going the Extra Mile during the first quarter of the year, among them Elsa Croes, Juanita Dorothal, and Hernando Ospina of the Housekeeping Department, Elvis Tromp of the Administration, Kenjah Howell, Gwendolyne [...]

Tourist Kids Give Back To Aruba Kids Enjoy protecting Aruba’s Reefs by creating awareness with our Save the Reefs Bracelet Program

Malmok – Aruba’s Marine Park Foundation in cooperation with the island’s popular water sports operators, Jolly Pirates have implemented an especially worthy “Protect the Reefs bracelet” program. The simple concept of a set of three awareness bracelets has been initiated to develop more reef care awareness and educational programs on the island.

Aruba’s Social Column “Bati Bleki” by Rona Coster April 14th, 2014

STREETCAR NAMED MALFUNCTION. Besides the unbearable screeching, our streetcar also suffers from malfunction when it comes to the end of mainstreet, a dead-end, since it cannot loop around, then passengers have to disembark while the chairs get flipped over. I understand it is not a major engineering snafu. It’s a fixable challenge. Then the street [...]


PALM BEACH, April 10 2014 – The morning program of Aruba Meets Europe’s third day was dedicated to smaller accommodations on the island, such as apartments and studios. All AME participants had the opportunity to meet with owners and managers representing 15 of Aruba’s smaller guest facilities at a market place, set up in the [...]

Cold Amstel Bright at Sopranos…We know what you like, Mark and Wilbert!

There is not a sliver of doubt about it: third-time Aruba visitors Mark andWilbert from Holland have found the ultimate place to spend their evenings while on holiday at Sopranos Piano bar in the Arawak Garden. The two have become friends with the piano players, who turn every night into a party night.

Tango Restaurant provided just what the doctor ordered for the Davenport family

ARUBA – The Davenport family, a jolly bunch from Vermont, USA, greatly enjoyed their time at Tango Argentine Grill in the Arawak Garden. The group, most of whom have been coming to the island for 15 years, considers the island their home away from home. One of their favorite restaurants is Tango and there the [...]

FX Aruba Surf Shop, for the active vacationer

Noord — First there was windsurfing, then Kitesurfing was added,  Landsailing snuck in as a natural choice for the active vacationer, then Stand Up Boarding became a hit, and just recently Mountain Biking joined the repertory of fun activities at Aruba Active Vacation, AAV. AAV was started in 1992 as a windsurfing school, at Fisherman’s [...]

Non-residents can buy a house in Aruba!!

As seen on Aruba Real Estate Blog; All non-residents can buy land or a house in Aruba going through the same process as the Aruban residents. They can buy a home on property land as well as on lease land.

Connie Cislo honored at the Aruba Marriott Surf Club

ARUBA – Recently the Aruba Tourism Authority had the great pleasure of honoring a very lovely lady who is a loyal and friendly Visitor of Aruba, at the Marriott Surf Club as Ambassador of Goodwill. The symbolic honorary titles are presented in the name of the Minister of Tourism as a token of appreciation to [...]

Get lucky during the Trop Club & Casino sporting events

Eagle Beach — The Trop Club & Casino has been showing the WWE 2014 sporting events to a full house of visiting and local fans. The raw and exciting wrestling matches are shown on 14 HD TV screens, and 4 Giant HD Screens, in the spacious and friendly bar area of the casino. On Saturday April [...]

First aid and AED course for Aruba Wine And Dine managers

ARUBA – For the second year in a row a first aid and AED course have been taught to the managers of the Aruba Wine And Dine group (AWD). For some the course, taught by Sue Ann Lin at the end of March, was a refreshment course, for others it was a first-time, hands-on experience. [...]


Thursday morning, April 10th   2014 A total of 10 pairs attended the bridge session at the members lounge of the Aruba Beach Club Resort. The results 50% and higher are as follows:

Sixteen years sailing with De Palm Tours

ARUBA – Sixteen year ago George & Sandra Clavet and Al & Sandra Pepin set foot on Aruba for the first time and they go sailing with De Palm Tours ever since. Back in the days the sailing trips were done with the boat Sea Venture, before they sailed out with Fun Factory and twelve [...]

Chrystal 3D hosts a memorabilia exhibition, at Caribbean Queen

Palm Beach – Hosted by Caribbean Queen at the Palm Beach Plaza Mall, Chrystal 3D was introduced in Aruba to a curious and supportive crowd. Owner Christiane Dupuis and her business partner José Bonivento, thanked the Caribbean Queen staffers for the opportunity to show their crystals gifts to tourists and locals , in front of [...]

Wine Maker Tamara Flores hosts a wine seminar at Amazonia Churrascaria

Palm Beach – Trivento Amado Sur, Trivento Golden Reserve Malbec and a Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah by Vina Maipo were recently sampled and paired with the cuisine at Amazonia Churrascaria. The Argentinean wineries represented on the island by the Aruba Trading Company, sent wine maker Tamara Flores on an educational mission, introducing the vividly red and intense wines…

Loyal visitors honored at the Aruba Divi Phoenix Beach Resort

Recently the Aruba Tourism Authority had the great pleasure of honoring a group of loyal and friendly Visitors of Aruba, at the Divi Phoenix Beach Resort, as Distinguished Visitors and Ambassadors of Goodwill. The symbolic honorary title is presented in the name of the Minister of Tourism as a token of appreciation to guests who [...]

Great group from Boston loves Fishes & More

ARUBA – Sometimes you are just lucky and happen to be at the right place on the right time. That happened to Kay, Diane, Cathy and Emily from Boston when they happened to walk in at Fishes & More Restaurant in the Arawak Garden, where they greatly enjoyed the Caesar Salad. “We love the ambiance [...]

John O’Donnell honored at the Paradise Beach Villas

ARUBA – Recently the Aruba Tourism Authority had the great pleasure of honoring a very nice gentleman, who is a loyal and friendly Visitor of Aruba, at the Paradise Beach Villas as Ambassador of Goodwill. The symbolic honorary title is presented in the name of the Minister of Tourism as a token of appreciation to [...]


PALM BEACH – Aruba Marriott congratulates the organizers of E-Aruba Seminar with a successful event on Saturday, April 5th held at the Renaissance Convention Center. The public was engaged and enthusiastic from start to finish by three remarkable speakers who ensured everyone left with valuable tips and information. Mark Benson Denz initiated the first E-Aruba [...]

Meet Michelle and David Tedeshi, Sopranos Piano bar’s regulars

ARUBA – The happy-looking people in the photograph are Michelle and David Tedeshi from Rhode Island, who have been coming to Aruba for more than 10 years now. They absolutely love the island, its people, the beaches, the food and of course Sopranos Piano bar in the Arawak Garden. Every night is party time at [...]

Family Behrmann honored as Goodwill Ambassadors at Divi Village by ATA

Recently Aruba Tourism Authority had the great pleasure of honored a loyal and friendly visitors. The honorees are Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Esther Behrmann resident of Sea Cliff New York. The honorees are members of Divi Village and have been enjoying the Island every year and were extremely overjoyed and grateful for the honor bestowed.

The K1 Day of nine different Kiwanis Clubs united in Aruba

ARUBA – Each year, Kiwanis clubs around the world join in a day of service.  This event is called Kiwanis One Day and this year it was held on April 5th, 2014. Nine (9) different Kiwanis Clubs united in Aruba on this day to give the Centro Man Na Obra a helping hand. Our services [...]

Rosanna and Roberto from Italy are crazy about MooMba Beach

ARUBA – It’s hard to imagine, but Rosanna and Roberto Caminiti from Italy, always seem to lose each other at MooMba Beach: when she is looking for Roberto, Roberto is searching up and down the beach to find her. Fortunately they can laugh about it. These things happen to them at their favorite beach, at [...]

Honoring at Divi Phoenix

ARUBA – Recently at the Divi Phoenix Resort, Aruba vacationers were presented with honorary titles created by the Ministry of Tourism as a token of appreciation to guest visiting Aruba for 10 and 20 consecutive years. Special friends of Aruba, enjoying ten or more annual vacations here, are given the Distinguished Visitor certificate and those [...]

Jersey Boys Tim, Rick and Howie are the life and soul of Sopranos

ARUBA – Sopranos Piano Bar in the Arawak Garden is home away from home of the Jersey Boys Tim, Rick and Howey, who visited the island for the first time nine years ago and could not keep away, so they come down six times a year… That is what we call luvvv….These great guys make [...]

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