Aruba hosts international conference on Currency Counterfeit and Credit card Fraud

ARUBA – In June, Aruba will be hosting an international conference on currency counterfeit and credit card fraud. The conference will take place on the 23rd of June at the Grand Ballroom of the Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino. The main speaker for this event will be Mr. Jose Camacho, who is an expert from the U.S. in the field of fraud involving currency and credit cards. Mr. Camacho was active for 25 years as part of the investigative team of American Express, and is an instructor on his field for among others, the FBI National Academy and the US Secret Service.

Nowadays, Mr. Camacho heads his own investigative agency dealing with financial matters, and deals with major court cases of fraud for insurance companies, credit card companies, Banks and the American Federal Court.

Camacho: ‘As technology advances, new strategies for financial crime enter the marketplace, and our knowledge on combating fraudulent activity advances, forcing our professionals to change procedures to combat and prevent revenue losses due to fraud.”

The Coordinator for this conference, Mr. Rudolf de Kort adds: “Not only does counterfeit currency lead to a loss in revenue in Aruba every year, but geographically Aruba lies in a región where we can’t exclude that many types of fraudulent activities originate, highlighting the need to expand knowledge on this matter.”

The theme of this conference will be “Mind Your Eye”, Currency Counterfeit and Credit Card Fraud.

Mr. De Kort further explained that in the year 2000 such a conference was hosted in Aruba already, which proved very successful. However, considering that the issues surrounding fraud and counterfeit currency has evolved the meantime lead by advancements in technology, new types of fraud arise like for example “phishing”. This has leaded various previous participating organizations to request a follow up on the conference. The regional interest to participate at the conference is high, and demonstrating the importance of the subject.

We feel that this year it’s not just a good time to update our knowledge on these topics, but also to provide the opportunity to our professionals in Aruba and neighboring Caribbean islands to network and exchange ideas and best practices in combating currency counterfeit and credit card fraud.

This conference will host participants of Banks, other financial institutions, hotels, casinos and different types of organizations that deal on a daily basis with large sums of money transfers, both in currency and by bank cards.

The conference will also provide information and interesting local experiences on this topic by, among others, the Central Bank of Aruba.

More information regarding this conference can be obtained through its website


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