Fruits and Flowers in honor of La Cabana’s Housekeeping Department

Eagle Beach – The entire last week was dedicated to the Housekeeping Department at La Cabana Beach & Racquet Club, celebrating the achievements of its hard working members. The opening ceremony featured speakers such as General Manager Joe Najjar, Assistant General Manager Jessica Franken, and the super-charged motors behind the department Miriam Courtar & Nilda Echobardo, over continental breakfast at the Chit Chat Café.

The entire Housekeeping team received festive HSK week pin buttons and enjoyed an afternoon presentation in the Conference Room conducted by Maggy’s Beauty Salon and complemented by fun raffles. The week continued with an agenda of entertaining events such as Zumba at the Health Club, Bingo and Raffle in the Conference Room and in-door soccer and raffles at Centro di Bario Tanki Leendert.

A Gift Exchange Raffle on Arashi beach took the housekeepers outdoor, and a themed cafeteria event returned them to the property. The Fruits & Flowers luncheon at the Jardin Chit Chat was orchestrated by the housekeepers in honor of all their co-workers and featured delicious mango-mocktails, a great lunch, music and decorations.

As a token of appreciation of the unique collaboration between Housekeeping and Engineering, another special luncheon celebration was offered towards the end of the week, cementing the relationship between the two departments even further.

Two outside function took the housekeepers on evening outings, one featuring Kareoke at Melao y Caña and the other closing Housekeeping Week with a party at Ultima Parada.

Pictured here Fruits and Flowers in honor of La Cabana’s Housekeeping Department, at the cafeteria.

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