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Jeffrey Abbott also known as “Keytarjeff” is recognized as one of the “Masters of the portable instrument known as a “Keytar” from such prestigious U.S. publications as “KEYBOARD” magazine and some of Americas most respected musicians including Jordan Rudess(Dream Theater)& Robert “Bobbie” Martin (Frank Zappa)


Saliña Serca, Aruba — For those tourists adventurous enough not to fall into the “tourist trap”, but willing to search for the true old fashioned “Aruban Rum Shop” where they can mingle with the locals, J&J Snack is a well known watering hole. Also known as “the container”, situated on the side of the road […]

Louis Vuitton: world famous malletier is true to their craft, Classics with a modern feel

The Louis Vuitton luxury brand has been around since the 1850s when an expert malletier with incredible attention to detail started a luggage boutique in Paris. Vuitton’s fine leather suitcases and trunks immediately became coveted, fashionable pieces and soon the company had to expand, opening a store in London.

Introducing Starbucks® Blonde Roast, the Newest Addition to our Coffee Family

Beginning today, Starbucks® Blonde Roast will be available as a brewed option in Starbucks stores in Aruba. Starbucks® Blonde Roast, a lighter roast coffee from the company known for its signature dark roast, meets the needs of the coffee drinkers who say they prefer a lighter roast coffee.* Since its availability as a packaged wholebean […]

Questions asked about euthanasia for brain-damaged Dutch prince Johan Friso

Dutch Prince Johan Friso, brain-damaged after being buried by an avalanche in Austria last month, has been transferred to Wellington Hospital, in London. Doctors believe that the 43-year-old is unlikely to recover consciousness, although will be weeks before they have a clear idea of his prospects.

Andrew is on the look-out for friends and family members

We would like to introduce Andrew to you, one of the donkeys living at the Aruban Donkey Sanctuary. Andrew is the 1-year old son of mother Sasha. A name giving contest was held and Andrew was chosen; actually his full name is Andrew Pikabu, but that name is too long. Andrew really listens to that […]

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