2 Months, 2 Fools…?

Altough just opened 2 months ago, the 2 Fools cannot complain about their business. With a limited seating of 17 guests, the Fools have been enjoying their restored Cunuku-house at Palm Beach Road 17. Fred and Paul, the 2 Fools have restored this wonderfull house into a “Fools House” with a French Firewall that,s facing all the guests. The Firewall is an open fire grill, unique in the Caribbean, maybe even in the world! The meat is slow cooked in front of your eyes, and gives it a destinct flavor and softness. The Surprise menu that Fred serves 5 days a week, is an array of surprises, a feast for your eye and palate. An extra additional wine flight is on hand by the glass. This to complete your dining experience with the Fools. The Fools start at 7pm with a champagne cocktail in their backyard. Around 7.30 the doors close, and everybody will join at the beautifull dining bar. Explanation of the menu, and the wine flight, and your dining starts with your fellow diners. In between courses, you can walk around and fell free to ask any questions or even do the dish- washing.

Check out their wine office to choose your own wine, or order any other drink at the ” smallest bar ” of Aruba! The Fools offer you a totall different dining experience like no other restaurant on Aruba. It is like having your private Chef and Butler for the evening. You mingle and meet new friends, and after the 5 course menu, you can have a coffee with an after dinner drink and chat up with the 2 Fools in their back yard! (staff-meeting…) After 2 months, the revieuws on the internet have been great! (tripadvisor) and the 2 Fools are proud of what they have achieved so far!

The Fools are open 5 days a week..seating is limited, so reservations are a must. Please check their web site at www.2foolsandabull.com  for any seating availability..Any food dissabilities? Let them know upfront and Fool 2 will take care of this! As the 5 course menu is prepared by the number of guests, the Fools do not like No Shows!! So check the web site, or call Fool

1 for your dining experience you never had. Call at 00297-5867177 or make your reservation with the concierge at your hotel.

The Fools are awaiting you! Have a nice stay on Aruba!

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