2 Fools….and a Bull…???

Paul and Fred are 2 guys who have been around the “block” on Aruba. Together they have a somewhat experience of over 50 years in the restaurant business. Just last February they started a new restaurant called 2 Fools and a Bull…. Conveniently located just 10 minutes from the High-Rise hotels, at the Palm Beach Road, in a 100 years old “Cunuku-House” With only 17 seats you will be treated to a culinary dining experience you have never experienced before! Fred prepares a 5-course dinner in front of your eyes, and Paul will pour you a wine pairing that leaves you completely satisfied. 2 Fools is not about the dining and wining alone. It is an evening shared with friends, fun and relaxed atmosphere, or as they like to call it; COMFORT DINING…!

Already after 5 months, the Fools are highly rated on Trip advisor!! Bookings need to be made well in advance, but you can always call for a last minute opening before 3 PM. There web site reservation system gives you the opportunity to notify your food allergies.. But at the Fools, you got to be ready for surprises….

The evening starts of at 7pm sharp! The Fools welcome you with a champagne cocktail, and you will meet and greet your fellow diners that evening. At 7.30 the Comfort Dining starts! 2 starters, a main course fish and a main course meat, followed by dessert will leave you “Fooly” satisfied. Together with an optional wine pairing, and your new friends that evening……you will be dazzled at the end of the night.

The Fools will do the dish washing for you… Please check our web site for reservations. www.2foolsandabull.com  For potential openings, please call before 3pm… Still not convinced? Check us on Trip advisor. The Fools hope to welcome you in their house one evening..!!

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