Arubaville, Hot Summer Cool Off!

Arubaville-0ARUBA – The FunchiGals spent a lovely afternoon at the ultimate Caribbean hang-out/restaurant Arubaville, munching on the best beef carpaccio salad ever, relaxing and chatting away with manager Bas Frijters & Chef Rawlin Silvania about this exciting reinvention of a lovely little restaurant pier where Jair and I celebrated our wedding almost 11 years ago!

The view here  is stunning!

The Kitchen Table by White Entertains Press Members for an 8-Course Dinner

Press at white (60)Eagle Beach – The local press was recently welcomed by Hotelier Jan Van Nes and his staffers for a tour of Blue Residences and an unforgettable night at The Kitchen Table, by White.

Blue Residences, the first luxury condo resort on Aruba’s famous Eagle Beach in 20 years, is currently under the final phase of development and will consist of three residential towers.

Official: Venezuela tried to pressure Aruba

Hugo Carvaja arubaORANJESTAD — Aruba’s top prosecutor said Tuesday that Venezuela ratcheted up various types of pressure against the Dutch Caribbean island and the Netherlands in recent days to try to win the release of a powerful former general wanted on U.S. drug-trafficking charges. But Chief Prosecutor Peter Blanken said the “actions against Aruba” were not the reason authorities decided to free Venezuela’s ex-military intelligence chief, Hugo Carvajal.

The Radisson Postcard Project, designed to promote art education

postcards2_taggedPalm Beach – The Radisson Aruba Resort Casino & Spa invited students participating in this summer’s RBC Royal Bank sponsored Art Rules Aruba to spend a day at the resort with their cameras.

The art education program, celebrating its fifth anniversary in 2014, unfolded at Cas Di Cultura over two weeks in July, offering 9 disciplines including Dance, Theater, Creative Media, Fashion, DJ, Rap & Poetry, Street Art, Music & Performance and Culinary Arts.

Register now for the BTA Autumn League 2014

BTA 01August 18  – November 13.

Monday August 18  we start with the Autumn League 2014 and this will continue till November 13.

This is the biggest weekly Beach Tennis League in the world with over 500 players in 8 levels and 31 categories


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAORANJESTAD – Playa Linda Beach Resort recently recognized exceptional members of its team who have completed milestone anniversaries with the resort this year. The popular timeshare resort, which strives to be a “home away from home” for both owners as well as its employees, clearly demonstrated this point with an amazing 180 combined years of experience shared among only 12 employees.

Presenting Caribbean Queen Yolanda Rivera

yolanda31Palm Beach – Every month, Caribbean Queen at the Palm Beach Plaza Mall honors one local female artist who lives and creates here.  The Caribbean Queen program was launched when the store opened in late 2011. For the month of July 2014, local artist Yolanda Rivera is the boutique’s celebrated Caribbean Queen, showcasing her craft for locals and visitors to admire and purchase.

HumanHints, today ‘Learn To Laugh’ Part 2 – How To Make Your Self Laugh

Yesterday we discussed the importance of laughter and playing thru life. Laughter and play allow the frequencies of Universal Grace into your life. How do you make yourself laugh? Think of something that has made you laugh in the past. Think of a situation or something that someone said or a situation that made you laugh out loud, then let yourself laugh out loud again.

Today is Wednesday, July 30, the 211th day of 2014. There are 154 days left in the year.

Larry McMurtry, U.S. writer (1936 - )Thought For Today:

Incompetents invariably make trouble for people other than themselves – Larry McMurtry, U.S. writer (1936 – ).


Aruba Motorcycle Tours is a new adventure to the beautiful island Aruba

page-02Aruba Motorcycle Tours is a new adventure to the beautiful island Aruba. The owners Arjen Hof and Lucienne Hof-Kalis have been living on Aruba with their kids for more then 15 years. Arjen started working on Harley Davidsons when he was just 17 years old and well known on the island for being THE HARLEY-DOCTOR. After working for the local Harley dealer for…

13 years he spread his wings and started his own shop in 2011 “ THE BIKE CLINIC”.

CILO City Lounge celebrates its 5th anniversary with a month of events

Algemeen 5 jaar bestaan 2014Time flies: it is already five years ago that CILO City Lounge opened its glass doors. The extremely relaxed restaurant and lounge was a hit from day one, not only because of its perfect location on the corner of the Renaissance Marketplace downtown, overlooking the harbor, but also because of its trendy menu, its great cocktails, fresh fruit mojitos and superb lunch options.

Fitch Downgrades Aruba Credit

Fitch Downgrades Aruba CreditFitch Ratings has downgraded Aruba’s long-term foreign and local currency issuer ratings to BBB- from BBB, the New York-based ratings firm announced.

The firm said the island’s sovereign creditworthiness had “deteriorated” since 2009 due to the “negative impact of recent suspensions of operations at the Valero refinery.”

The facts you have to know about blood pressure – an article by Heidi Marchena, pharmacist at Botica di Servicio

Blood pressure is the force of blood against the walls of arteries. The blood pressure is recorded as two numbers, the systolic pressure ( as the heart beats) and the diastolic pressure ( as the heart relaxes between the beats). The systolic  number is always mentioned first. Normal blood pressure is less than 120 mmHG ( systolic) and less than 80 mmHG ( dia-stolic). Blood pressure rises and falls during the day.

Salt & Pepper restaurant is the first stop for Tom and Beatrix from Kentucky

Salt & Pepper restaurant is the firstARUBA – Tom and Beatrix are on the island! That is not exactly a newsworthy piece of information, you could say, but this couple from Louisville, Kentucky, is celebrating 20 years of holidays on Aruba.

They come here not once, not twice, not even three times, but four times a year and their first stop is always Salt & Pepper Restaurant in the Arawak Garden.

HumanHints, today ‘Learn To Laugh’ Part 1 – Laughter and Play

Learn how to make yourself laugh at will. This is a powerful technique that it is easier than you might think. We’re supposed to play thru life, but as adults, we think that doing is the only way to get thru life. The fundamental energy of playing and doing is completely different. When we do, we try to control. When we play, we allow Universal Grace into our lives.

Today is Tuesday July 29, the 210th day of 2014. There are 155 days left in the year.

O.A. Battista, Canadian-born author-scientistThought For Today:

The fellow who says he’ll meet you halfway usually thinks he’s standing on the dividing line – O.A. Battista, Canadian-born author-scientist.


Tourist Kids Give Back To Aruba Kids Enjoy protecting Aruba’s Reefs by creating awareness with our Save the Reefs Bracelet Program

page-02Malmok – Aruba’s Marine Park Foundation in cooperation with the island’s popular water sports operators, Jolly Pirates have implemented an especially worthy “Protect the Reefs bracelet” program.

The simple concept of a set of three awareness bracelets has been initiated to develop more reef care awareness and educational programs on the island.

Aruba’s Social Column “Bati Bleki” by Rona Coster July 28th, 2014

page-05RAIN SONG & DANCE. Bachata super star Romeo Santos broke the long spell of drought on Aruba, delivering a deluge of much-needed rain water on the night of his performance. My friends who bought the $400.- concert ticket report finding shelter under tables, and soaking their butts in three- inch of muddy water. Some opted to squeeze, all five of them, into a Port-A Potty, for a full hour. The American heartthrob came on stage at 2:30pm, and gave the wet and wild crowd a decent lip-syncing show!  According to Diario editor Nilton Lacle, we’ve had a long string of washed out concerts over the years, which made them ever-so-memorable.  

Sadia Futa Celebrates her 10th Anniversary at Caribbean Palm Village Resort

Sadia (1)Noord – Her name pops up at every Employee of Month Award Ceremony, as she has been nominated and also won the coveted title a number of times. She also regularly collects Shining Star Awards and Extra Mile Awards for her impeccable performance at the reservations department, taking care of guests and owners requests and needs.

Aruba Releases Venezuelan Diplomat Sought by US

Hugo Carvaja arubaAruba government released a former Venezuelan general who was detained on U.S. drug charges when he arrived to serve as his country’s consul on the Dutch Caribbean island, sending him home Sunday night and defusing a diplomatic fight with its neighbor. Aruba authorities had argued previously that Hugo Carvajal, a former military intelligence chief, didn’t have immunity from arrest because he had yet to be accredited by the Netherlands, which manages the foreign affairs of its former colony that sits off the coast of Venezuela.

Fusion, Tapas, Wine & Piano Bar is proud of its Trip Advisor Award of Excellence

Fusion Trip Adv (1)Palm Beach – The charming lounge at the Alhambra Casino & Shops has just been recognized as one of the best establishments on the island, as it was awarded a Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor, one of the world’s largest travel sites.

The  continuous efforts made by Fusion’s team and the consistency in preparing and presenting  exceptionally high-quality tapas, dinner specials and cocktails combined with professional and personalized service earned Fusion its important first international recognition.

Burton and Sharon Sorensen honored at the Divi Phoenix

??????????ARUBA – Recently the Aruba Tourism Authority had the great pleasure of honoring a very nice couple as Distinguished Visitors at the Aruba Divi Phoenix. The symbolic honorary title is presented in the name of the Minister of Tourism as a token of appreciation to guests who visit Aruba for 10 to 19 consecutive years.

Second Quarter Awards at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino Recognize Excellence

MC speech april2014 02Eagle Beach – During a special lunch celebration at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino, members of management lauded associates, supervisors and teams, nominated for exceptional performance during April, May & June of 2014.

The nominees of the month of April took center stage at the conference room and were individually praised for their dedication and loyalty by their direct supervisors.

HumanHints, today ‘External Forces’

Self awareness is the ultimate personal power. When you know your self, you become more aware of external forces forces acting on you. Your genuine self is the only baseline reference point by which we can measure external forces. When an external force acts on you, you can feel it. It is blissful at best and infuriating at worst. Your reaction to an external force depends on if you’re aligned with it.

Today is Monday, July 28, the 208th day of 2014. There are 157 days left in the year.

Thomas a Kempis, German theologian (1380-1471)Thought For Today:

Verily, when the day of judgment comes, we shall not be asked what we have read, but what we have done – Thomas a Kempis, German theologian (1380-1471).

Max and Lynn Levin honored at the Paradise Beach Villas

Max and Lynn Levin honored at the Paradise Beach Villas 00Recently the Aruba Tourism Authority had the great pleasure of honoring a very nice couple, whom are loyal and friendly Visitors of Aruba, at the Paradise Beach Villas as Ambassadors of Goodwill. The symbolic honorary title is presented in the name of the Minister of Tourism as a token of appreciation to guests who visit Aruba for 20 or more consecutive years.

The honorees were Mr. Max and Mrs. Lynn Levin from Leland NC. Max and Lynn are loyal members of the Paradise Beach Villas and they love Aruba very much because of the friendly people, the climate, beaches, restaurants, fishing, shopping and being on Aruba and staying at the Paradise is like being home for them. 

Development relations between Venezuela and The Netherlands

Venezuela arubaARUBA - There are some serious developments now in the diplomatic conflict between the South American country and The Netherlands. Venezuela prohibits all aircrafts from The Netherlands, Aruba and Curacao to fly in their aerial space. The Venezuela Government gives order to their State Oil Company PDVSA to stop supplying oil products to Curacao. This information is developing and is extra official. Insel Air is not allowed to transport passengers to Venezuela. InselAir requests the Venezuelan Government to send aircrafts to come pick them up.

Real Estate Miriam answers all

Real Estate Miriam answers all- 26 juliAsk Real Estate expert Miriam Engeln anything about properties in ARUBA, such as how to invest in real estate, how to maximize occupancy in vacation properties, rental income tips, constructing a house, home exchange, house flipping, retire-/ moving to ARUBA and so on.

This week’s question by Anabelle Baker: How do I sell my house?

Aeropuerto Internacionl Reina Beatrix in Aruba: OPENED FOR BUSINESS AS USUAL

final-logo-new-layoutORANJESTAD – Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA) confirms that the airport of Aruba is opened for business as usual. Supposedly there are rumors circulating giving the erroneous information that Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix would be closed. This information is not correct. All flights are being normally processed.

Honoring at Holiday Inn

Honoring at Holiday Inn 02David Leon & Sandi Restino from Ontario, Canada were honored as Distinguished Visitors after returning to Aruba for 10 consecutive years.

The symbolic honorary title is presented in the name of the Minister of Tourism as a token of appreciation to guests who visit Aruba for more than 10 consecutive years.

Papillon’s mussels arrived again!

Mossel papillon 2014 artikel aangepastThe mussels that are served in the weekends of July and August at Papillon restaurant in The Village are bursting with taste, fleshy and sumptuous.

Flown in from Zeeland in the south of Holland, they are still dripping sea water, so to speak. Early last month the first mussel crop was allowed to be picked and the verdict from the experts was that it was of excellent quality, even though the temperature of the water has not been as favorable as other years.

Today is Saturday, July 26, the 207th day of 2014. There are 158 days left in the year.

Aeschylus, Greek playwright (525 BC - 456 BC)Thought For Today:

Death is better, a milder fate than tyranny – Aeschylus, Greek playwright (525 BC – 456 BC).


Fun in the Sun at Windie’s Summer Camp

Rona 0Eagle Beach – With one cycle concluded, the next one is shaping up nicely for Windie’s Fun in The Sun Summer Camp, starting Monday, July 28th. The five-day program is filled with activities such swimming in the semi-Olympic pool at Aqua Windie’s and well-supervised visits to Eagle Beach.

Also planned, excursions to Reina Beatrix Airport and the Aruba Port Authority on board the party bus, arts and crafts,  a live demonstration by the K-9  police team who will showcase the incredible ability and intelligence of their canine professionals and an educational session with the ambulance team. A visit to the local water plant, WEB, and the TV station are also on the camp’s busy and entertaining agenda.

Special guests honored at the Playa Linda Beach Resort

Playa Linda 01ARUBA – Recently, the following guests were  honored as an Ambassador of goodwill for the island of Aruba after returning to our island for more than 20 consecutive years: Steven & Ilana Ginsberg, Ken & Harold Heller and also Paul & Ronni Ginsberg.

The symbolic honorary title is presented in the name of the Minister of Tourism as a token of appreciation to guests who visit Aruba for between 10 and 20 years consecutive.

Great cocktails for Leanna and Randy at Fishes and More

Great cocktails for LeannaARUBA – Leanna and Randy from Massachusetts, USA, are sad: they discovered their favorite restaurant on the island on the evening before they had to fly home again. The 21-year olds found out about Fishes and More Restaurant when the concierge at their hotel recommended it.

When they tasted their first cocktails, they were in heaven; the pork schnitzel did wonders as well, by the way.

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